Keep Winter Rodents Out

As temperatures continue to drop, you’re more likely to hear the tell-tale scratching of an unwanted guest as mice, raccoons, squirrels, and other rodents search for warmth and food. 

A mouse can fit through openings as small as a dime—through the gaps around pipes, vents, cables, and more. Once they’re in, the infestation can become a messy one. It’s best to stop this problem before it happens.

Rodent-proofing your house isn’t difficult.

Manage your garbage.

Rodents have a great sense of smell. Make sure your garbage bins have lids to help contain the smell and, obviously, to make it harder for rodents to get into them. You should also move your garbage cans farther away from your house to make your house less attractive to them. 

Additionally, get rid of your garbage as often as possible. The longer it sits around, the stronger the smell becomes. Even if your bin isn’t full by trash day, take it to the street anyway. No food means no rodents. 

For bonus points, spray out the inside of your bins now and then to keep them relatively clean.

Keep a tidy yard. 

Rodents like tall grass and weeds because of the cover they provide. Eliminating these types of hiding spots will dissuade mice and rats from your yard. Same goes for piles of sticks, and other clutter—these, too, serve as hiding spots for rodents. 

If you have a pile of firewood, elevate your logs about a foot off the ground, and store the pile away from your house.

Trim back trees or shrubs that touch your home, so rodents can’t climb their way to entry points they wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

Inspect your exterior.

Take a look at the openings around pipes and utility wires at the points where they enter your home, and seal those gaps. You can do so using pipe sealant or caulk. If the opening is large, you might use an expandable polyurethane foam. All of these tools can be found at your local hardware store.

Make sure the weather strips along your doors and windows are in good repair. Replace strips that are cracked, chipped, or falling apart. Check your vent screens and replace screens that are torn. 

Your chimney is a prime entry point for varmints. Invest in a mesh chimney cap to prevent rodents from making a home in, well, your home by coming in through the chimney.

Organize your storage spaces.

Rodents are much less likely to stick around if they don’t have anywhere to hide. Organizing and de-cluttering your storage spaces will minimize these opportunities. Those thick, plastic, lidded storage bins are a great method to keep rodents from ruining your possessions while also tidying up the space.

For even more protection, elevate these bins about a foot off the floor, if possible. 

Be conscious of your food.

The holidays wouldn’t be as great without all of the eating—that’s true for rodents, too. Keep your cabinets and cooking areas clean. Store leftovers quickly after dinner and don’t let dirty dishes sit for very long.

Try storing the food in your pantry in sealable containers. The same goes for your pet’s food. 

As pests seek warmth during the winter, Lawn & Pest technicians are here to help fortify your defenses with programs like Pest 360. Contact us today for your free assessment, and let our professionals help you get a game plan together to ensure a pest-free holiday.

Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Professional

When roaches, ants, mice or some other pest enter your home, you probably have considered hiring a professional for help.  Seeking the help of a professional in these situations is wise, but you should also consider an ongoing service to prevent these pests as well.  Here are some of the benefits and considerations regarding pest control for your home or office.

USE OF FEWER PESTICIDES- Our pest technicians are trained to assess your situation first, and then decide the best course of action.  The days of the “bug man” coming in your home and spraying an awful smelling concoction throughout the house are past us.  Some isolated pest problems require an aggressive approach, but most situations do not call for spraying throughout your home.

SAVE MONEY- Do-it-yourself  methods can become very expensive, especially when you do not have the knowledge of a trained pest professional.  Some pests are not responsive to certain insecticides.  It is also possible to buy two products to treat the inside or outside of your home that will counteract one another.

PEACE OF MIND- Insect bites and rodent droppings can make you or a family member sick.  Worse than that, an improperly applied DIY method can lead to illness for your family and pets.  Our pest technicians work to solve your pest problems with the least amount of control products to keep your family and pets safe.

MORE TIME TO ENJOY YOURSELF- We are all pressed for time these days with work, hobbies, kids and other commitments pulling us in different directions.  When you hire a pest professional, you will have more time to do the things you enjoy instead of chasing pests from your home.

LESS CLEANING- Have you ever reached for a can of pest spray and fogged the kitchen in an attempt to get rid of ants, roaches or some other pest?   Call Lawn & Pest Solutions, and you will not have to worry about that.  Pest control techniques have advanced, and we can often control your pest problems without any interior spraying.

BECOME AN EDUCATED CONSUMER- Some pest companies come in, spray as fast as they can and leave.  When you trust Lawn & Pest Solutions with your pest control, we will provide you with important information about the pests in or around your home and the places they like to hide.  We can offer tips for preventing future infestations.


The best approach to pest control is a scheduled service to keep pests out of your home.  Severe infestations may require a monthly visit, but most of the time, we can provide excellent results coming to your home or office every three months.  When you start service with Lawn & Pest Solutions, a pest technician will visit your home or office and conduct an assessment along with an initial treatment.  This is vital in helping you eliminate pests from your home.  You will receive a written report detailing your pest technician’s recommendations and course of action.  Once your technician has reviewed this with you, he will perform your initial service which will include exclusion techniques, interior baiting for ants and roaches as needed, sweeping of cobwebs outside and an application outside to exclude pests.

Should you see any pests between scheduled service visits, your pest technician will gladly return at no extra charge to identify and treat the problem.  Contact us today if we can answer any questions for you!

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