Why choose local for pest control?

Why choose local for pest control if you don’t know their jingle by heart? Why choose local if their logo isn’t burned into your visual memory? Just because you know the theme song to the sitcom “Cheers” would you have been a regular there? 

Why did Norm and Cliff return to their familiar stools at the end of the bar every day? 

It surely wasn’t because of the good customer service. They got the same old cheap beers and typically ended up victims of a pranks or jokes. Cliff and Norm returned to “Cheers” because it was a familiar name and place and they were surrounded by familiar people. Some might say “Cheers” was a lazy choice. 

Are you choosing your pest control like Norm and Cliff chose their bar? 

When naming off pest control companies, one might immediately thing of Orkin and Terminix. Their names are plastered on billboards and televisions. National marketing and branding companies have successfully made their names a fixture. In the Memphis area, Cook’s Pest Control brings to mind their catchy jingle that most of us can sing word for word! 

When you think of Orkin, Terminix or Cook’s, what do you really know about their company?

Maybe we should ask, what do Orkin, Terminix and Cook’s know about YOU? Working with a locally owned business like Lawn and Pest Solutions means that you are getting very personal service. Our employees tend to stay with us for years. We have customers and technicians that know each other on a first name basis and keep up with each others’ lives. Even in our Google reviews, our customers refer to technicians and salesmen by name. Do you know your pest technician by name?

The LPS Difference

Being locally owned, Lawn and Pest Solutions owner Paul Welborn feels personally responsible for each customer. From customer service to satisfaction with pest services, Paul is invested. It is not unusual for him to show up at a home to help solve an unusual pest issue. 

Lawn and Pest owner Paul Welborn is hands on and present. Whether loading up trucks at 6:45 a.m. or frying up shrimp at employee appreciation day, he is there. Creating personal relationships with his employees and investing in their futures is important. It means that Lawn and Pest Solutions technicians want to stay with the company and support Paul and Lawn and Pest. When the company sees itself as a team, everyone benefits, including the customers. 

Orkin, Terminix and Cook’s aren’t bad pest control companies. They are large and successful pest control companies. We know their names, their logos and even their “theme songs”. But working with a smaller team with a local owner certainly has its’ benefits. We want you to choose local for pest control.

At Lawn and Pest Solutions, we want to know YOUR name and give you the best pest control you can get. We provide outstanding customer service and stand behind our programs. We serve the North Mississippi and Memphis areas with outstanding pest control and lawn treatment. Contact our office 24/7 to get a very fast response and outstanding service. 

Benefits of Hiring a Pest Professional

One walk down the pesticide aisle of a home improvement store is enough for me to know I need to hire a pest professional. So many bags of chemicals and containers of liquids. The smell of the aisle alone is enough to let me know, “I don’t know what I am doing here”. Have you ever tried reading the instructions on pesticides? I am always reminded that I am not a chemist or a baker. I don’t do “recipes”. 

What’s that smell?

A do it yourself insecticide program should bring up a lot of uncertainties. Is this the right formula? Is is safe for my pet? What will happen if my children touch/eat this? Where do I spray? If I only have to spray it once a year, what the heck is IN this stuff? And this one is for me, where is that sprayer and how do I get this smelly stuff inside of it? So hiring a pest professional sounds like an obvious YES.

I don’t change my own oil, rotate my tires, unclog my toilets or rewire my lamps. 

Why would I think I can fend off an infestation of roaches? Hiring a pest professional gives peace of mind. A pest professional undergoes continual training to maintain certification. In addition to that, at Lawn and Pest Solutions, our pest professionals have additional standards to maintain. They know when to spray, what to spray and where to spray.

Our licensed pest professionals at Lawn and Pest Solutions are more than guys with sprayers who know where to spray. These are things you can expect from us:

  • We apply pesticides that are specific to the area you live and that apply to the specific problems you have.
  • We look for points of entry and help you exclude them.
  • We broom down cobwebs and wasps nests outside so they don’t set up camp outside your home. 
  • We know “what’s coming” ….for instance, we know ants are more active in wet weather. Our techs are proactive. We like to prevent pest problems, not just solve them. 
  • Our techs have seen it all. They know where to look, what to look under, what signs to look for when solving pest mysteries. 

Hiring a pest professional, it’s a no-brainer.

At Lawn and Pest Solutions, we are here to solve your problems. You don’t have to be a DIY pest guy, you can just call us with your pest problems and questions. You don’t have to learn how to spray your pantry safely by watching YouTube videos. You don’t have to become a stay at home chemist to mix up your own roach spray. You can feel confident in our trained pest professionals that they know what they are doing and they know when to do it. Don’t worry or waste any more money and time trying to do it on your own. We are here for you. Call our office today to have peace of mind and know that this is not the year the roaches are going to rule your kitchen.