Easy tips to prepare your lawn mower for spring

Believe it or not, the rain will stop, the lawn will dry and it will be time to roll out the mower. It has been stored away for a few months now, so before you attack the lawn, here are a few tips on getting your lawn mower ready for spring. 

Roll up the umbrella and roll out the lawn mower

No one likes this step, but it has to be said. Read the manual. Now, let’s work on this list:

Check the blades. If they need to be replaced, it is really important to use the specific blades designed for your specific model of mower. This particular part is not where you want to buy a cheaper “universal fit”. Sharp blades are good for your grass! Dull blades will weaken and brown your grass tips making your grass prone to pests and disease.

Change the oil. Again, use the type suggested by the manufacturer. If there is old oil from last season, drain it and replace with new. After each time you have used your mower for approximately 5-8 hours, you should change the oil filter and add oil. 

Change the air filter, it is recommended you do this every season. If you have a washable filter, soak it in warm, soapy water. If your filter is made of cardboard or paper, just put in a new one. 

Lubricate the throttle and any other moving parts while you are at it.

Install a new fuel filter, (this has to be new, they can’t be cleaned because they can easily be damaged).

Install a new spark plug once a season. Spark plugs are inexpensive, so don’t try to clean or reuse old ones.

Replace the belt or battery if needed.

Check your fuel! If you have left fuel in your mower for more than 30  days, this could be what keeps your engine from turning over. If the fuel smells odd or is thick, go ahead and drain it and fill with fresh fuel. Make sure to check the manual to see that you are using the proper type of fuel. 

Here is a link to a YouTube video to help you get that mower started if you are having trouble. 

And for those of us need a little more help….

While Lawn and Pest Solutions is not in the business of mowing lawns, we want to help you have the healthiest lawn you can and having the proper equipment is very important to achieving a beautiful lawn. Getting your lawn mower ready for spring is one step you can take at home. If you need more help on getting a beautiful lawn, we have a staff of professional lawn technicians. Lawn and Pest Solutions can help you, just contact us today.