Weed Pulling

Weed pulling is oddly satisfying…at first. What is more rewarding than gently extricating the weed, lifting roots and all from the moist soil? Now, repeat 10,000 times. Pulling a lawn full of never ending weeds is a chore

Weed or plant?

In a newly landscaped lawn, every homeowner has played the game of “weed or plant?” It is easy to think of weeds as ugly sprouts in our lawn, though some aren’t ugly at all! 

No matter what weeds look like, they are robbing your lawn of nutrients and moisture. Weeds compete with your lawn for all of the “good stuff.”

Why you should NOT pull weeds

Pulling weeds doesn’t seem daunting when you just spot one. That first good pull leaves you with a big chunk of weeds, roots, soil. Now what? This is usually when you notice that there are approximately one zillion more weeds!

When you pull weeds, you usually end up spreading the seeds, creating more weeds. Some might compare weed pulling to sweeping up glitter. It never goes away. 

The slightest disturbance of a weed can cause thousands of seeds to fly all over your lawn. Whether that disturbance comes from the lawnmower, wind or even birds, seeds are being spread. Dormant weed seeds can even be awakened by digging in the ground while adding or removing new plant material. 

Treating weeds is best

Treat weeds BEFORE they grow and spread. Realistically, you are always going to be dealing with weeds. It’s just a matter of control. Reduce their growth. 

Using a lawn service like Lawn and Pest Solutions can end your weed control issues. A year-round program like Lawn360 will take care of existing weeds as well as those lurking just beneath the ground. 

Our lawn technicians apply pre-emergent and post-emergent to take care of weeds at every stage of development. 

Lawn and Pest Solutions is based in New Albany, MS. We serve neighborhoods and businesses in the Memphis, Tennessee area and all over North Mississippi. Google us to read our reviews!

Lawn fungus treatment

Lawn fungus treatment shouldn’t even be a decision of “should I or shouldn’t I?” Yes, you should!  A fungus can destroy your beautiful lawn.

It’s not your fault.

All healthy lawns contain millions of fungi spores at all times. Though most fungi will never cause problems, we never know when one will to decide to show off. If you know and care enough to even notice a one in your lawn, you are likely going to treat the lawn fungus.

Treating lawn fungus

A fungus can be easily treated by our trained lawn technicians. You just need to watch for it and call us as soon as you see the signs. 

Signs of lawn fungus

For our area, these are the types of fungus that grow in our common grasses:

  • Dollar Spot/Bermuda grass: this fungus causes spots of brown or straw-colored that start as small as a grapefruit. Beware, they can grow to take over your whole yard.
  • Rust/Zoysia grass: To check for rust fungus, take a white tissue and rub a few grass blades. If an orange color comes off on the tissue, you have a rust problem.
  • Gray Leaf Spot/St. Augustine grass: This fungus leaves large gray spots on your grass blades that grow larger as the infestation gets worse.

What causes fungus to grow?

  • Fungi can become a problem when we have had too much rain.
  • Fungi can become a problem when we haven’t had enough rain.
  • Fungi can appear when we mow our lawns too low.
  • Fungi can appear when we have a dull mower blade.
  • PRO TIP: if you have a really large lawn you should sharpen your mower blades a second time mid season!

We can treat your lawn fungus.

If you suspect you have lawn fungus, call us. A licensed lawn technician will investigate your issue and determine the best plan of treatment. A fungicide will be applied to your lawn and have the fungus problem under control in no time.

As with any lawn health issues, when you are working with professionals like Lawn and Pest Solutions, we are only a phone call away.  Let us know now before more damage occurs. Your lawn is your investment and we want to help you not only maintain it, but allow it to thrive.  

We serve the areas of Memphis, Tennessee, and North Mississippi. If you need more references, feel free to read our Google reviews.

Local or national pest control

When faced with pest issues, one must choose between a local or national pest control company.  We are one “Google pest control” away from many options. 

Google “local pest control” first

Thanks to big budgets, national marketing and branding companies have successfully made their names a fixture. 

When deciding between a local or a national pest company, try reading the Google reviews. You can’t help but notice that our customers frequently refer to our employees by name in the reviews. 

National pest control companies aren’t bad. They are large and successful pest control companies. We easily recognize their names and logos and feel like we “know” them. 

Why choose a local pest control company?

  1. A local pest control company may be able to charge you less for the same services.
  2. We live here, too. A local company will be well aware of all the seasonal pest infestations that are happening where YOU are, not where THEY are.
  3. A local pest control company can work with your schedules and needs, not what “corporate” tells them to do.

We are a locally owned pest control business.

Working with a locally owned business like Lawn and Pest Solutions means that you are getting very personal service. We work hard to retain our employees for years so that customer relationships are solid and built on trust. 

Our pest technicians are trustworthy, honest, hardworking and loyal. We don’t send in “fly by night” employees to spray inside your home. You won’t be worried to see our guys spraying in your lawn or on your patio. 

Just #askpaul

In addition to providing reliable technicians, our owner Paul Welborn feels personally responsible for each customer. It is not uncommon for him to show up at a home to help solve an unusual pest issue. He is committed to making sure the customer gets the best possible service.

Whether loading up trucks at 6:45 a.m. or frying up fish at employee appreciation day, Paul is there. Creating personal relationships with his employees and investing in their futures is important to Paul. He believes that qualified trained technicians who want to stay with the company is key to keeping customers happy. 

When the company sees itself as a team, everyone benefits, including the customers. This is why it is important to choose a local pest control company over a national one. We provide outstanding customer service and stand behind our programs. We serve the North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee areas with outstanding pest control. Contact our office 24/7 to get a very fast response and outstanding service. 

Lawn Watering 101

Whether you ask, “how much water does my lawn need” or “will my lawn recover from this disease” the answer is always the same. The most important part of having a beautiful lawn is having a healthy lawn. Whatever is your seasonal challenge, a healthy lawn can fight back. 

A strong and healthy lawn is much more able to withstand extreme summer weather conditions like excessive rain or drought. Which brings us to and often asked question for #askpaul

How much water does my lawn need? 

If you have a common Southern grass like Zoysia, St. Augustine, Bermuda and Centipede, your lawn doesn’t really need a lot of water. These grasses have deep root systems that allow them to withstand drought. If your lawn is healthy and established, you can relax a little. Southern grasses like above can survive for weeks without water. 

Don’t get too relaxed…

Even your strong and healthy lawn of Southern grass needs some water now and then. When you have let things go for too long, it will go dormant and turn brown. 

What does dormant mean?

Dormant doesn’t mean your lawn is dead, it is just resting and saving its’ energy. Once your lawn gets water (whether from rain or your watering) it will recover.

Dormant lawns aren’t very attractive.

It’s true. No one wants to work all year (or invest in the upkeep!) on a lawn that turns brown. If your lawn is going dormant because we are too lazy to turn on the sprinklers, follow these simple guides. 

Lawn watering guides:

  • If your lawn looks a little gray or dull, water it! 
  • If you walk across your lawn and your footprints stay sunken, water it!
  • Water your lawn before 10:00 a.m. when the weather is cooler. This gives the water time to soak in and evaporate with wind and sun.
  • Or…water in the afternoon around 6:00 p.m. allowing the grass to dry before it gets dark.
  • Instead of watering once a week and possibly “overwatering,” divide your watering between two times a week.
  • As long as your lawn gets 1-1.5 inches of rain/water per week, your lawn will be fine.

You can make it even easier!

There are now “smart” options that allow you to program your watering systems. You can water your lawn from your smart phone and even link it to the local weather system to water at the exactly right time. 

Lawn and Pest Solutions can get your Southern grass lawn to a healthy state that can withstand extreme conditions.  You can keep it healthy by following our simple watering guide. Give us a call and we will send a licensed lawn technician your way. We serve neighborhoods and businesses from Memphis, Tennessee to all over North Mississippi with our Lawn 360 program.

Bagging or Mulching?

What is better for my lawn, bagging or mulching after I mow? There are options depending on your level of commitment! This isn’t a tough problem, it just depends on how much time you have to invest in your lawn.

In order to have a weed free, beautiful dark green lawn you need to consider these three things:


Proper mowing can make all the difference in the look of your lawn and set it apart from the rest. During this time of year (from May through August) you need to mow at least once a week. 

Because grass is growing at a super fast rate right now, there can be times you need to mow every five days! Mow your lawn with your blade set at the correct height for maximum effectiveness (click on previous blog for info on blade height.)

Bag or mulch, which is better?

If you can’t commit to mowing at least once a week, bag it! Piled up clippings left on your lawn all summer during this rapid growing season, will cause a weed problem in the form of thatch.

“Bagging your clippings” doesn’t mean putting them in big piles of garbage at the curb. The most responsible way of disposing of clippings is to return them to compost. 

Mulching grass clippings means returning your clippings to the lawn. These mulched clippings provide great benefits to your lawn. The mulched clippings help retain moisture and nutrients. Deciding to mulch your clippings means that you have committed to the frequent mowing program!

Weed control

Finally, weed control is important and the third element of the bagging or mulching question. To have that beautiful, dark green lawn you must have a healthy lawn. Weed free lawns will continue to prosper. 

The takeaways:

Mulching is good for your lawn, but you need a good machine, set to the right blade height and you need to be mowing every 5-7 days. 

Bagging is not bad for your lawn, especially if you can’t commit to mowing frequently. 

Weed control is essential, you can’t allow thatch or any other weeds to overgrow your healthy lawn.

Just #askpaul

If you still can’t decide between bagging or mulching, you can always ask our licensed lawn techs at Lawn and Pest Solutions for help. We help people from the Memphis, Tennessee area and all over North Mississippi with weed control. Our licensed professionals can help you nurture your lawn into the one you have been dreaming of. Contact our office here for more info today!

Fighting Fire Ants

Fire ants are hard working and organized, so fighting fire ants is not an easy job. They create amazing and expansive tunnels underground for escaping those who dare to disturb the mound. 

The danger of fire ants

Fire ant stings hurt a little when you just have one, though it is more common to be stung multiple times by multiple fire ants. The blisters that develop afterwards are allergic reactions, though some people develop more severe reactions. The areas immediately surrounding the sting may swell, burn, or itch. These stings and/or allergic reactions to the stings can be very dangerous to our children and our pets, especially if they are allergic. 

Fighting fire ants is not that complicated when working with professionals like Lawn and Pest Solutions. While there are plenty of DIY fire ant “solutions” you can try, most people are just chasing them around underneath your lawn.

How to fight fire ants

The best way to fight fire ants is with a bait system. A bait system does not disturb the mounds. Disturbing fire ant mounds is not the best plan of attack. When the mound is disturbed, fire ants get angry.

Bait systems for fire ants

 With a fire ant bait system, the fire ants get the bait and return to their underground system of tunnels. They then “share” the bait with the army below your lawn.Lawn & Pest Solutions has the technology and expertise to provide season-long fire ant control treatment for houses

The Lawn and Pest Solutions plan

Our treatments target the queen, not just the mound. Our plan is efficient and effective. In just two strategically timed bait applications, we typically wipe out 95% of your fire ants. 

We will visit two more times per year just to assess the effectiveness or apply more bait (if needed) at no extra charge. 

Give us a call or click here and we will send out a licensed technician to address your issues! We serve the North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee areas with lawn and pest services. 

Sports field aeration 

Whether you are competing for the Little League World Series or the high school rivalry game, the “look” of your sports field is more important than ever. Sports field aeration is a major contributor to a beautiful field of play.

While winning the game will always be the icing on the cake, there are so many other “boxes” to “check” when competing.  Consider these major factors that appeal to players, alumni, coaches, fans, parents and even recruits!



Sound system

Media guide

Hype videos

Social media presence

Locker rooms

Sports field management is a key element in all outdoor arenas. While some may roll their eyes over the “importance” of these elements, can you think of the schools that don’t “check” these boxes?

Schools want to look good in, around, and on the field.  One of the most important elements on a playing field is the quality of the turf. In order to look good, the turf needs to “be good.”

We aren’t “back in the day” anymore…

In the past, management of many school sports fields has been the responsibility of coaches and a few maintenance guys. In our rural area of the South, it isn’t uncommon to see high school principals mow the football field in August. 

Parents, booster clubs, even players have put in hours keeping the field cut. Today, the health and beauty of the sports field has reached new levels of expectations. 

Sports field management means more than just mowing.The field of play should be healthy, thriving and safe! 

A safe field:

Is not too wet 

Is not too dry 

Has the correct density so as not to cause injuries to players 

A lush and thriving field can be used quickly after rain. No coach or team desires to forfeit or reschedule games because of a waterlogged field! 

Aeration, Verticut and Topdressing

The three key elements to reviving or building a safe and healthy field of play include:


Aeration perforates the soil to allow water, air and nutrients in.


Verticutting allows turf to breathe easy, absorb nutrients and soak in moisture.

Top dressing 

Top dressing applies sand or a soil mixture after aeration.

These three steps conducted by our licensed technicians at Lawn and Pest Solutions can give you a winning field . Contact us here at Lawn and Pest Solutions. We serve areas from the Memphis, Tennessee and North Mississippi areas. Our expanding sports field management services could be just what your team needs for a winning season. 

Why clean gutters?

The task of cleaning gutters is not super appealing to most. Just getting out the ladder and climbing to the roof is a job in itself. But keeping your gutters clean is a preventative measure for more than just creating a clear path for heavy rain. Clogged gutters cause trouble, and before you know it…

One thing leads to another

  • If you don’t clean your gutters, they become clogged with leaves and debris.
  • Clogged gutters don’t drain properly and they collect water.
  • Collected water attracts mosquitoes.
  • Collected water causes wood to decay and rot.
  • Rotted and decaying wood attract termites.

But wait, there’s more.

As a result of clogged gutters, washed areas form. These areas can hold water close to your foundation. This causes the soil to become saturated and water can seep under your foundation.  

Overflowing gutters wash out mulch and flower beds near your home. These washed areas thin out your lawn. Thinned areas in your lawn give weed seeds an open area to grow and germinate. 

Do the right thing.

Make it a priority to clean out your gutters this spring. Clean gutters can prevent a multitude of problems. While we don’t offer gutter cleaning services, Lawn and Pest Services can assist you with termites, mosquitoes, and weed control

We can also help you nurture your lawn to its’ best health. Contact us here for more information about getting a quote. We serve the North Mississippi and Memphis area neighborhoods of Tennessee.