Pest Products

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a unique and difficult pest to control. Lawn & Pest’s technicians must make a careful assessment of each infestation to formulate the best plan of attack. Once the problem is assessed, a treatment program specific to each case is created and followed until the bed bugs are eradicated. Eradication of bed bugs is possible, but it requires at least two service visits to accomplish.

Flea & Tick

Our flea and tick program is especially beneficial to people with wooded property around their home or indoor and outdoor pets.

During spring, summer and fall months, Lawn & Pest technicians will apply a granular insecticide to your landscape and turf areas to prevent fleas and ticks. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian regarding prevention methods for your pets to maximize results.


Prevention is key when it comes to termite control. At Lawn & Pest Solutions, we offer two proven methods to prevent and control subterranean termites. 

The Sentricon® System strategically places underground bait stations around your home that trick termites into taking poison back to their queen and the rest of the colony.

Termidor® utilizes an advanced, undetectable liquid that is invisible to termites. Termites unknowingly spread the lethal liquid to the rest of the colony. 

Lawn & Pest professionals are Certified Sentricon Specialists, and they are thoroughly trained in the application of Termidor. LPS technicians use these methods in tandem to take out termites for good.