Mosquito Control For Yard

Are you looking for the best yard mosquito control services? If so, contact Lawn & Pest Solutions! Our trained, professional technicians purge your yard of mosquitos with the latest technologies and techniques.

By treating your entire lawn–from harborage areas like shrubs and tall grasses to the very edges of your property–we fortify your yard to prevent new mosquitos from flying in.  If mosquitoes show up in between treatments, give us a call and your technician will head your way.  Extra visits come at no extra charge to Mosquito 360 customers. Feel free to contact Lawn & Pest Solutions for the best mosquito yard treatment ​in North Mississippi or New Albany.

Mosquito populations can be controlled so you can enjoy your pool, patio, or backyard.  More importantly with our Mosquito 360 plan, there is no need to worry about your beloved pets! Our mosquito yard treatment methods will not be invasive to your family or pets so you’ll be able to enjoy your time outside worry-free. Our lawn care mosquito control process works as follows.

What Mosquito 360 includes:

  • An initial application of a residual insecticide to the lawn and flower bed areas in March. This application will concentrate on sites that mosquitoes use to rest or breed.
  • A follow-up application once a month to maintain a barrier around your property. A specialized mister is used to again reach sites preferred by mosquitoes. These monthly applications are made April-October.
  • Monitoring and inspection by our certified technicians to ensure we help you maintain an area that mosquitoes do not want to enter.
  • Feedback from your technician about harborage areas that could be encouraging mosquitoes. Clogged gutters, for example, provide an ideal breeding ground.
  • Follow-up visits as required to maintain control during the treatment period. All you have to do is text or call us if you see mosquitoes in-between visits.
  • Our guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Mosquitoes are persistent insects that carry diseases along with packing a worrisome bite.

This program is designed to help reduce the mosquito populations by treating resting and breeding sites around the property such as landscaping.  Our technicians also scan your property on each service visit for standing water-it could be as simple as a bucket left out and forgotten, or as serious as an old tire behind a fence that always holds water.  Our technicians help you keep the mosquitoes away by other means than just spraying.

While no one can guarantee 100% eradication of mosquitoes on your property, we do make your lawn very unattractive to mosquitoes.  You will be able to enjoy being outside knowing that we have been by this month.

Mosquito 360 is also very beneficial to properties that experience serious tick infestations. The monthly treatments keep ticks at bay.

If you’re looking for the best mosquito control for your yard then choose Lawn & Pest Solutions! We have twenty years of experience battling pests in the Southeast.

TAKE BACK YOUR YARD FROM MOSQUITOES, with plans starting at just $50 per month.

  • Treatment plans starting at just $50 per month (plus tax).
  • Eight scheduled applications from March through October.
  • Repeat applications as needed during the service period at no extra charge.


First Call

Appointment scheduled within 24 hours of your first call.


Evaluate your property and pinpoint harborage areas and administer initial mosquito control application.


Apply prevention treatment and assess effectiveness of last month’s results.


Apply prevention treatment and assess effectiveness of last month’s results.


Apply prevention treatment and assess effectiveness of last month’s results.


This month, mosquitos will become more numerous and more active. We’ll apply our monthly prevention treatment and step it up, if needed.


Apply prevention treatment and assess effectiveness of last month’s results. Mosquitos will continue to get worse through October.


Apply prevention treatment and assess effectiveness of last month’s results.


Apply the final treatments and say hello to cooler weather.