Lawn 360

As someone passionate about your lawn, you naturally want it to be as beautiful and well-maintained as possible. Unfortunately, in recent weeks you have been stressed because of the lack of time available for tending to your garden–which isn’t fair considering all the other responsibilities that fill up your daily schedule. 

That’s why Lawn & Pest Solutions is here! We are delighted to offer our services so that you can receive what you truly deserve right from the start. Our lawn care company has provided reliable service for almost two decades to make grass maintenance more accessible and efficient. Taking on such work can be difficult and time-consuming if done alone; that’s why we’re here to assist you.

Your Lawn Can Flourish Under the Right Care

You may be tempted to maintain your lawn on your own, yet opting for a lawn care contractor is a wise choice – it can not only add an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor area. Still, it can also banish any potential pests that might invade your home. By calling in the pros, you are making a savvy decision!

Have a Landscape Like No Other

At Lawn & Pest Solutions, we strive to offer you a service that is both convenient and beneficial. Allow us to explain how our services can provide you with what you deserve below:

Get The Care That Your Lawn Truly Needs

Whatever your lawn demands, our team is here to help you obtain the lush landscape of your dreams. From providing advice on maintaining a healthy yard to offering more advanced treatments such as weed and pest management—we have the proper knowledge and tools so you can experience a unique outdoor space in no time!

Forget About Breaking the Bank

We know budgeting can be quite a hassle, particularly when you set your sights on keeping your lawn looking amazing. That is why we make it our mission to offer exceptional services without having you break the bank! Our competitive prices guarantee that selecting us will not leave you with regrets.

Get Our Service Through These Simple Steps

1. Get in touch with us by calling (662) 534-4535.

2. Get an appointment schedule.

3. Get the lush, beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted with trusted service!

A Lawn Care Company That Cares For You

Don’t let a careless lawn care contractor lead you astray and leave your lawn looking worse. At Lawn & Pest Solutions, we offer reliable services to help you avoid such missteps. Contact us today to embark on the road toward an impeccable and vibrant green space!


  • Preventing spring and summer weed activity with pre-emergent and post-emergent weed applications.
  • Specifically addressing hard-to-control weeds like crabgrass, nut grass and buttonweed.
  • Giving you a lush, dark green lawn with our custom blended, controlled-release fertilizers.
  • Addressing the nutrient needs of your lawn.
  • Providing constant monitoring by technicians for potential disease and insect issues.
  • Providing year-round weed treatments, as needed, between scheduled visits at no additional charge.
  • Preventing fall and winter weeds with pre-emergent and post-emergent weed applications.
  • Ensuring your satisfaction with our Lawn 360 Guarantee.


First Call

Appointment scheduled within 24 hours of your first call.

Early Spring

Apply a treatment of pre-emergent to prevent spring and summer weeds such as crabgrass.

Late Spring

Apply another round of pre-emergent to keep weeds away and eliminate pesky growths like dandelions.

Early Summer

We’ll administer granular controlled-release fertilizer to beef up your grass and liquid weed control to keep weeds away.

Mid Summer

Spray for summer weed control to guard against invasive weeds like crabgrass, nutgrass and buttonweed.

Late Summer

Finish summer strong and weed-free with granular controlled-release fertilizer and another round of liquid weed control to give your grass a head start for the fall season.

Early Fall

Begin prepping for winter with an application of high potassium fertilizer and/or weed prevention to fight weeds such as annual bluegrass.

Late Fall

A final round of weed pre-emergent will nip cold weather weeds in the bud. We’ll apply lime and gypsum to your lawn to correct its saline levels and raise your soil’s pH.