Put fire ants to bed.

Eliminating fire ant beds can feel like a never-ending battle—as soon as you get rid of one, another pops up. That’s because at the first sign of danger, the queen is escorted out of the mound to safety, where she can begin a new colony. Treating fire ants yourself with over-the-counter insecticide powders and liquids, or gasoline, can be disastrous. Our fire ant control treatments are precise and effective—targeting the queen, not just the mound. Four visits each year to apply bait and assess the previous treatment’s effectiveness. If you are looking for a company that offers an effective ant treatment for your house, we are here to assist you.

TAKE OUT THE WHOLE COLONY FOR GOOD, with plans starting at just $25 per month.

  • Four visits each year to apply bait and assess the previous month’s effectiveness.
  • Efficiency—just two strategically-timed bait applications typically wipe out 95 percent of your fire ants.
  • Targets the queen, not just the mound, to prevent them from building a new mound elsewhere.
  • Extra ant control treatments as needed, free of charge.


First Call

Appointment scheduled within 24 hours of your first call.

Mid Spring

Make initial assessment and apply bait to control active ant mounds.

Late Spring

By now, your ant problem should be visibly reduced.

Early Fall

Apply new bait. Sometimes a resurgence of ants occurs in fall, but our applications are timed to strike back.

Mid Fall

Reapply control methods if necessary.