Don’t Forget the Gutters!

As spring inches ever closer, you are likely making a checklist for your spring cleaning.  You probably have your windows, garage, storage room and maybe flower beds on the list for a deep cleaning.  Have you thought about your gutters? Clogged or slow draining gutters can lead to a multitude of problems for you, your landscape and your home.  

As leaves fall over the winter, your gutters have likely filled up.  Those leaves make their way to the downspout and then your gutters drain slowly or not at all.  Heavy rains like we experienced last week then start causing problems. Overflowing gutters can lead to rotten or decaying wood along the side of your home.  This is a ready made buffet for termites.

Also, as gutters overflow, you may experience washed areas in your lawn or flower beds adjacent to the house.  These washed areas can hold water that you don’t need close to your foundation. Saturated soil near your home can allow water to seep under your foundation.  Termites love moisture, so you may be unwittingly creating a perfect environment for termites to thrive. You may also have areas of your lawn thin out, or have mulch wash out of your flower beds.  Either of these problems then give weed seeds an open area to germinate in and grow.

Mosquitoes require just a couple of teaspoons of water to lay their eggs.  When your gutters hold water, you are leaving mosquitoes a breeding ground next to your home.  To avoid attracting mosquitoes, be sure that your gutters are free from leaves, and the downspout drains freely also.
A little time spent on your gutters this spring will help keep weeds and insects away.  For weed control, termite control, or if you need the exterminator, give us a call at 662-534-4535 or visit us at .  North Mississippi pest control is our specialty!

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