Get Your Business Pest-Free With Professional Pest Services

As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. From managing employees to keeping up with daily tasks, the last thing you need is to worry about a pest infestation. Not only can it cause health hazards for your staff, but it can also lead to costly property damage.

At Lawn & Pest Solutions, we understand the importance of commercial pest control and want to take that burden off your hands. You deserve to focus on the growth of your business without the added stress of pest issues. For almost two decades, we have enjoyed keeping businesses like yours pest-free.


Get A Customized Plan To Keep Insects Away In No Time 

Our premium Commercial Pest 360 program is designed to meet your business needs. Using the most advanced treatment and prevention methods available, you can trust our licensed professionals to leave your workspace pest-free year-round!

With us, you get services tailored specifically to your establishment — we help you eliminate existing pests while minimizing disruption! We also offer you professional protection against COVID-19 since it cannot be overstated even after 2020.

At Lawn & Pest Solutions, our certified technicians use hospital-grade, EPA-approved disinfectants to sanitize your space and keep it safe. We treat high-touch areas like doors, countertops, vending machines, fabric-like chairs, and sofas with our steam-cleaning capabilities.

You Can Help To Prevent Pest Infestations Too!

While your trusted pest control company can always help you, you can also include a few activities to prevent pest infestation in your business routine. You’d like to know the best practices rely on regularly checking and keeping it clean:

  • Dispose of food waste and scraps cautiously. Clean your drains regularly and avoid depositing the remains from meals in the sink.
  • Check out the green areas or the plants indoors! Ensure you examine if they have any pests and avoid them if necessary.
  • The roof too! Inspect it at least twice a year. Pests love hot and moist conditions, making the top their perfect hideout.
  • Standing water is a No. It isn’t only visually unappealing for your business but also attracts many insects to make its surroundings their new home.

Keep Your Business Safe from Pests with Lawn & Pest Solutions

Don’t let pesky pests take a toll on your business or wallet. Avoid pest control companies that will only cause you more headaches. Instead, choose Lawn & Pest Solutions to safeguard your business and keep your employees and customers happy and healthy.

We take your pest control seriously and pride ourselves on maintaining lush, eco-friendly outdoor spaces. Our uniformed employees are professionals ready to assist you. All you need to get started is:

  1. Request an estimate on our website. Or, call us at 662-534-4535 if you’re in Mississippi or 901-326-5303 if you need us in Tennessee.
  2. Schedule an appointment
  3. Get the protection your business needs from infestations!

Whether your business, a school, an office building, or a medical facility, our treatments are designed to be the safest and most effective solutions. Let us help you keep your space pristine and pest-free today!