How to Prevent The Spread of Roaches and Ants

Cockroaches and ants are some of the most common pests that you can find in homes. They may seem harmless but can cause you a lot of problems in form of diseases like E. Coli, Shigella, and Salmonella. The best way to take care of these pests is to get rid of the reasons that attract them to your home and in extreme cases use pest control services.

If you are also trying to prevent an infestation of ants and roaches in your home, try these methods to get rid of them.

Eliminate food sources

Food is the single most attractive thing for almost all pests and rodents. Ants and roaches are no different. Open food containers and leftovers in the kitchen are an open invitation for them to come and feast in your home. Remove any unwanted food from your kitchen cabinets, sink, and throw out the garbage regularly. Seal any food items you have in airtight containers to prevent their spread.

Clear out the clutter

Pests usually like to nest in dark and moist places and cluttered items in your kitchen and rooms give them just that. Therefore, get rid of any broken and unwanted things in your home. Clean the surfaces with a disinfectant to remove any defecation and ant trails after you clear away the clutter.

Clean the drains

Often, we clean the visible areas like surfaces and cabinets and leave it at that. But these pests can easily make nests in your drainage systems and infest your home. Therefore, thoroughly clean your drains at regular intervals to avoid roaches and ants in your home.

Seal off any cracks and entrances

Ants and roaches use any cracks and openings they find in your home to enter your home quickly. By sealing away these entrances using cement or expanding foam, you reduce their nesting place and entry points.

Use chemical repellants

You can use ant repellant spray all around your house perimeter to prevent further entry of ants inside your home. You can use Boric acid to curb any existing cockroaches in our home and deter any further breeding in your home.

Use home remedies 

If you feel chemical repellents are a problem, you can always try home remedies like a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda, and water to kill those pests.  Cinnamon, neem leaf extracts, and essential oils are also found to be highly effective in repelling ants and cockroaches from your home. 

Call for professional help

If you are still facing trouble after trying out these home remedies and DIY methods to curb these pests, chances are high that you have a severe infestation. It is best to call professional pest control services like Lawn & pest solutions to take care of it. They can eliminate the existing infestation entirely and take steps to ensure that these pests don’t take residence in your home later on.

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If you are looking for professional help to take care of your pest problem, Lawn & Pest Solutions should be your one-stop destination. You can opt for our Pest control programs to get rid of these common pests in your home. You can reach out to us at 662.534.4535, 901.560.2399, or fill our online contact form to know more.

How to Protect Your House from Spiders

There is a reason why most Hollywood movies show spiders rushing out of dark, creepy places. Humans instinctively fear these arachnids since many spider species are poisonous, and some can even be deadly. Studies show that spider bites kill about seven people every year in the United States. The end of summer starts an influx of spiders into your home since, during this period, male spiders move everywhere, searching for mates.

Therefore, you need to take proactive measures to keep these spiders out of your house. Here are a few steps you can take to keep your home safe against a spider infestation.

Keep your home clean

Spiders like to hide in the dark and moist places, and cluttered items give them just that. Also, remove any food items or leftovers in the open and keep your food sealed. Spiders are attracted to other insects like flies and cockroaches that come for such food in your house. Therefore, the best way to prevent an infestation is to keep your home clean at all times and remove any cobwebs you may see. 

Seal all the cracks and crevices

Spiders use these cracks in your walls, doors, and windows to get into your house. Sealing them away correctly ensures that they don’t find an entry path into your home. Install a mesh cover for your doors and windows to prevent further entry.

Remove all the vegetation from the outer parameter of your home

You can easily find spiders in your garden area under the rocks, in the woodpile, or on the shrubs and trees. However, as the weather gets cooler, they look for warmer areas in your home. Therefore, removing any vegetation too close to your home makes it difficult for them to enter your home.

Use pesticides spray 

You can apply commercial pesticides containing pyrethroid on the corners and cracks of your home to keep spiders at bay. However, they only work if the spider drags itself on them; otherwise, it is useless. You can also use natural spider repellants like natural oils such as peppermint, tea-tree, citrus, and eucalyptus oil. You can also spray vinegar on the spider to deter it. Horse chestnut, mint, and cedarwood are also effective against spiders.

Call for professionals

If all these techniques aren’t enough to curb the influx of spiders in your home, you likely have a severe spider infestation. The best way to get rid of them would be to call professional pest control services like Lawn & Pest Solutions. Don’t wait for the situation to get severe, as some spiders can be poisonous and can cause severe health problems and allergies. The professional pest controllers will use safe and efficient methods to get rid of the infestation.

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If you are looking for professional help to take care of your spider infestation problem, Lawn & Pest Solutions should be your one-stop destination. We have specialized programs for common household pests like spiders, mosquitoes, termites, and more. You can choose from our various Pest control programs to get rid of these common pests in your home. Reach out to us at 662.534.4535, 901.560.2399, or fill our online contact form to know more.

Types of Pests and How to Control Them

Pests are one of the most common sources of diseases in any home. Most homeowners think of pests as a tolerable nuisance. However, pests are also the carriers of some of the world’s most deadly diseases like the black plague, malaria, and rabies. Therefore, you must take adequate measures to keep them out of your house.

Here are some of the most common household pests and tips to control them:


When thinking of pests, the reddish-brown critters, also known as water bugs, are the first things that come to your mind. You can see them in your kitchen cupboards, bathrooms, and basements since they prefer dark, moist areas to make their homes. These cockroaches can carry disease-causing bacteria. trigger asthma, and allergic reactions.

How to control their spread:

  • Keep all the food items covered, and do not leave any leftover food in the open.
  • Keep your kitchen and washroom clean and dry.
  • Vacuum any existing infestation and puff Boric Acid or Diatomaceous earth dust into walls for added control.

Bed bugs

As the name suggests, these chestnut-colored bugs live in the cracks and crevices of your bed. They usually hide all day and come out during the night to feed on your blood. Their bites can cause itching and leave red welts on your body. Although they don’t cause any diseases, they can still make you lose your sleep.

How to control their spread:

  • When it comes to bed bugs, prevention is the best cure. Hence avoid bringing any used mattress couches or cushions to your home.
  • In case you already have an infestation, the best measure is to call professional pest control services.


You can easily find mosquitoes in areas where they can find still water to lay their legs. And these tiny four-legged biting flies can cause some severe diseases such as dengue, malaria, and West Nile Virus.

How to control their spread:

  • Eliminate any still water outside in your home. If you have to store water outside, store it in covered containers.
  • For ponds and other water bodies that cannot be covered, add biological control called “Bti” to kill mosquito larvae weekly.
  • Use mosquito repellent creams when you go outside.

House mouse and rats

These rodents usually enter your home in search of food and nesting. They are often active at night, and they’re easy to spot. However, you can notice mice droppings in your house. Mice can spread the plague and trigger asthma attacks in humans.

How to control their spread:

  • Seal any opening in your doors and windows and always choose them.
  • Don’t leave any food in the open or leave clutter in your home.
  • Use mouse traps to bait any existing mice in your home, and avoid using rat poison if you have pets or kids in your home.

About Lawn & Pest Solutions

If you are looking for professional help to take care of your pest problem, Lawn & Pest Solutions should be your one-stop destination. You can opt for our Pest control programs to get rid of these common pests in your home. You can reach out to us at 662.534.4535, 901.560.2399, or fill our online contact form to know more.

5 Myths Related to Pest Control

Clean homes don’t attract bugs – you must have heard this statement at least once in your life. Sadly, it is one of the most prominent misconceptions people have about pests. And such misconceptions make your home and your loved ones vulnerable to disease spreading and sometimes deadly pests.

Here, we try to debunk some major misconceptions about pest control to help you protect your home against pests:

Myth 1: Bugs don’t like clean houses

Behind this prevalent misconception is the belief that pests need dirt and grime to survive. However, pests want food, shelter, and warmth. If a clean house gives them those things, they will stay and grow in your home. Unkempt houses aggravate the infestation, but clean homes are vulnerable too. Therefore, along with cleaning the home, seal all places through which pests can enter, such as doors, windows, drain pipes, and open skylights.

Myth 2. You can treat bed bugs with DIY methods

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that make homes in your bed or mattress and bite humans or pets for blood. You can’t treat them with DIY methods since they are small and hard to find. They can also multiply extremely fast, and before you know it, you will have a full-fledged bug infestation. The best way to get rid of them is to call professional pest control services like Lawn & Pest Solutions.

Myth 3. An infestation does not exist since you can’t see it

Most pests are experts in hiding the darkest corners and crevices of your house. Some are so minuscule that you won’t see them with naked eyes. However, that does not mean they don’t exist. Bugs like termite can ruin your entire woodwork quickly and silently, and you won’t notice until your furniture falls apart.

Myth 4. Removing pests from your home will send them to your neighbors

The fact is, they won’t rush to their homes if you chase them away or vice versa. Pests look for shelters that are warm and moist and do not mean other dwellings. Also, ignoring the infestation due to this fear can cause further problems in the future. 

Myth 5. Professional pest control methods are harmful

The most prominent fear people have about pest control is that professional pest controllers use harmful chemicals. Some chemicals are toxic for you if you inhale or ingest them. However, when you call a professional pest controller, they take all the precautions to keep you and your family safe. They may even ask you to vacate the space for two-three days to clean the air and make your home pest-free.

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If you are looking for professional pest controllers in Mississippi and Tennessee region to take care of the pest infestation in your home, Lawn & Pest Solutions should be your one-stop destination. We offer excellent lawn care and pest control services to our clients. Our services include de-weeding, pest control, and deep root fertilization. We ensure that your lawn looks lush and healthy. You can reach out to us at 662.534.4535, 901.560.2399, or fill our online contact form to know more.

Cleaning gutters

“One Thing Leads to Another”

The Fixx

Cleaning gutters prevents many other issues. In 1983 an English new wave band hit the charts with “One Thing Leads to Another”. Maybe this song isn’t about cleaning out your gutters, it is a catchy reminder. 

Grab a friend for this job!

Cleaning gutters is a job no one looks forward to. A lonely guy on a ladder screams “bad decision making” and YouTube is filled with proof. This link may help you keep safety first in mind!

What if I don’t clean my gutters?

  • If you don’t clean your gutters, they become clogged with leaves and debris.
  • Clogged gutters don’t drain and they collect water.
  • Collected water causes wood to decay and rot

Guess who loves rotting and decaying wood? Termites! Termites feast on rotting wood.

That’s not all.

As a result of clogged gutters, washed areas form. These areas can hold water close to your foundation. This causes the soil to become saturated and water can seep under your foundation. Joining the group of water loving pests are mosquitoes!   

It’s not a fun job, but someone’s got to do it.

Overflowing gutters can wash out mulch and flower beds near your home. These washed areas can thin out your lawn. This can then give weed seeds an open area to grow and germinate. In addition to all of the previous problems, no one wants more weeds or a thinned out lawn.

Make it a priority to clean out your gutters this spring. Cleaning gutters is the “one thing” that can stop from leading to “another”. While we don’t offer gutter cleaning services, Lawn and Pest Services can assist you with termites, mosquitoes and weed control. Contact us here and we will send a licensed pest technician to give you a quote. We serve the North Mississippi and Memphis area neighborhoods of Tennessee.

Questions to ask before hiring a pest professional

When you have had enough of ants, roaches, spiders and the fear of the unseen, it’s time for you to ask these questions. Hiring a pest professional doesn’t have to be a hard thing, you just need to ask a few questions before choosing a company.

One: Free quotes?

When hiring a pest professional, you should expect to find a pro who will come to your home or business and give you a free quote. No pressure, no obligations, just an up front and honest quote which details the service you need.

Two: Knowledgable representative?

The sales representative who visits your home should be knowledgable about the service you are requiring. They should be able to answer most all of the questions you have about everything from pricing to safety and procedures. If they don’t know the answers, they should offer to find out and get back to you with accurate information. Being friendly and honest is certainly a bonus when dealing with any sales representatives. 

Three: Service?

When the pest technician comes to your home or business, they should first do a thorough inspection of your structure, inside and out. Make sure that your technician checks under sinks, in closets, window sills, outdoor problem areas. A quality technician will even make small adjustments if possible to help with your problem. If your tech comes in and starts spraying with no inspection, you need a new company! After the service is complete, you should get a consultation with the tech where you get the best advice on how to keep your home pest free. 

Four: Professionalism?

When you decide to hire a pest professional, you are hiring a person who will be coming into your home. Any pest company representative who comes to your door or inside your home should be dressed professionally, in uniform and driving a clean and well marked vehicle.

Five: Price?

The lowest price in pest prevention does not mean you are going to get results. Quality pest prevention may appear to cost more, but in the end you are satisfied. We have all had experiences with “cheap” services that ended up in us having to start all over again with more costly, yet more effective results. When you are trying to rid your home of roaches, do you really want the “cheapest” service?

Six: Referrals?

What is everyone else saying about the pest professional that you want to hire? Take time to read reviews, Google the company, see what people think about the services they have already received. Ask friends and neighbors, do a little research and choose wisely.

Questions to ask before hiring a pest professional can help you find the right fit for your needs. Unfortunately, there are pest companies who don’t do what they say they are going to do. At Lawn and Pest Solutions, we live up to our reputation. We love for potential customers to read our Google reviews. Our representatives are knowledgable, friendly, courteous and professional in every way. They are dressed in uniform and drive clean vehicles and use the most up to date equipment and technology. We work the hardest to make sure you are satisfied with your pest service. Contact our office at Lawn and Pest Solutions in New Albany, MS. We serve the North Mississippi and Memphis areas.

Are Termites a danger to my home?

Termites ARE a danger to all homes. Termites can be thriving inside your home, feasting upon it without you seeing a single sign. If you are of a certain age, you are familiar with high blood pressure. They call high blood pressure “the silent killer” because some times, once the signs are evident, it is too late. The same can be said of termites. If you wait too long, it might be too late. 

Are termites a risk for this area?

Sentricon, the number one brand in termite protection says this, “Unless you call Alaska home, your house is not safe from termite damage.” That should sum it up for most of us. Yes, termites ARE a risk for this area. Termites are found in over five million homes per year and cause homeowners over five BILLION dollars per year. That’s a lot of termite damage…

How can one little pest cause so much damage?

This very easy to follow  is the fastest and best lesson in termites. Yes, it was created to promote the brand Sentricon, but it makes termites easy to understand. The way that termites work is very organized, very efficient and very harmful to your home. If you are waiting to see signs of termites, you could be in a situation like this couple. It is 100% worst case scenario, but even just a fraction of the damage would be very costly to repair. Not only would repair costs be costly, but you are also putting yourself, your family or your employees at risk. Damaged wood is weakened by termites and will eventually rot and fall away. 

What are the signs of termites in my home?

Whether you can identify a termite by looking at it or you just have a bad feeling about this, there are indicators of termites. Other than the obvious discovery of living termites, these signs may suggest you have a termite presence in your home or business.

  • Swarming: sometimes you find evidence of swarming by finding lots to discarded and broken wings. Windows, doors, vents, bathtubs and sinks are common places you might find termite wings.
  • Mud tubes: these are usually found on foundation walls, inside walls, and plumbing pipes. Mud tubes are also called termite highways because they are a way for termites to stay in moist places and stay safe from ants. Mud tubes are made of moist soil and excrement and start around the diameter of a pencil.
  • Damaged wood: if the wood sounds hollow and gives away easily, you can see how the termites are eating from the inside out and following along the grain of the wood. Many times there will be more mud tubes inside the wood along with live termites.

What do I do now?

Termites ARE a risk and a danger to your home. Whether you suspect you have termites or want to prevent termites from ever entering your home or business, Sentricon is the system to choose. Our Sentricon Specialist pest technicians at Lawn and Pest Solutions have been highly trained by Sentricon. Not every pest company qualifies to be able to provide Sentricon service. There is a reason that Sentricon is the number one brand in termite protection. There is a reason that Lawn and Pest Solutions is qualified to be a provider. Contact our office to have your home or business inspected by our specialists. This is a service you want to consider before it is too late. Our licensed technicians serve the North Mississippi and Memphis areas. 

Memphis pest control

Three tips to keeping your Memphis home pest free

Hello, Memphis! Lawn and Pest Solutions is here to help you prevent pests from ever entering your home. We are specialists in pest control and are here for you if it’s “too late” and they have already invaded. Maybe you have tried DIY pest control and are ready for the pros.

Whether you are in Memphis, Germantown or Collierville, keeping your home free of pests is what we like to think of as a team effort. While we can, will and DO go into homes every day to rid them of pests, half of the battle is in prevention. Here are four things YOU can do to help fight the fight.

Clean up debris outside your home.

Piles of twigs and leaves make wonderful homes for pests. Get those piles bagged up and remove them from your property. While you are at it, any fallen branches or limbs that are leaning against your home need to go. Think of branches that touch your home as “ladders” that squirrels, mice, etc. can use to access your roof, attic, cracks in the home. Don’t make it any easier for them to get in!

2. Seal up your home.

Walk around outside and look closely for cracks and crevices where tiny mice and more could squeeze in. You aren’t looking for open doors and windows (though that does invite pests…) , look for the smallest openings around windows, under doors, gaps between the roof and home. Remember the pests we are looking for are usually small and can wiggle into the tiniest spaces. Now, seal it up! If pests can’t get in, most of your problem is solved!

3. Clean up your home (especially your kitchen).

This seems so obvious and so easy. But keeping the inside of your home free of food and water to tempt pests is a never ending “tidying up” process. Things that are a “must do” include: 

  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in your sink overnight.
  • Don’t leave pet food out overnight. (Be sure stored pet food is kept in an airtight container)
  • Check your pantry to be sure that all food is sealed. Look at boxes of cereal and crackers, are those bags opened inside? Easy to access cookies and dry pastas and such are easy feeding sources for pests.

These three “small” tasks are things that you can do regularly in and outside of your home to help fight the war against pests. Our licensed pest technicians will spray outside and inside your home on their initial visit. This visit includes a thorough inspection inside and out, and if they can help close up those entry points for pests, they will. Our techs will also advise you on anything else you can do to help prevent pests. After the initial spraying, all follow up visits are done outside of your home (this means you don’t have to be there after the first visit).  

Whether you are fighting roaches, ants, millipedes, or any other pests in your home, we are here for you. You can contact our office any day or time by leaving a message on our website. At Lawn and Pest Solutions, we call it #thelpsdifference. You can read our reviews on Google to see just how happy our customers are with our fantastic customer service and results. Follow us on Facebook and on Instagram to learn more about our company and our professional and friendly technicians.