Weeds don't stop.
We don't, either.

  • Seven applications per year nip weeds in the bud
  • Fertilizer nurtures deep, green grass
  • Free spot treatments between applications keep your lawn looking its best
  • Locally owned and operated in Northeast Mississippi, Lawn & Pest Solutions is always close by

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What can I do for my waterlogged lawn?

Will anything ever grow here? I stood in shock this morning viewing my yet to be landscaped “lawn” and...

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Good news, the murder rate of crape myrtles is declining

Kudos to the person who first coined the term “crape murder”…it worked. Today, I drove around my beautiful small...

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Cockroach Control

It’s Not All About Insecticides The thought of a cockroach crawling through your home probably sends shivers down your...

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