Why is my grass yellow?

If your lawn had started greening up prior to our freezing temperatures last week, odds are your lawn is now yellow.  In some cases, lawns have returned to their tan, dormant color.  Mother Nature just did a course correction for us.  With the warm days we have experienced earlier in March, plants, trees and grasses had sprung to life a slight bit ahead of schedule.  The good news for the majority of lawns is there is no long term concern about the yellowing.  The discoloration is an indication of the freezing temperatures and frost.  The picture below is the turf in front of our office.  It was nice and green a couple of weeks ago.

2016-03-25 14.07.20

The frost and freezing temperatures caused it to go back into dormancy.  Notice the tips of the grass blades are a tan color.  Keep in mind that you can help your grass recover from this discoloration more quickly if you will mow your lawn to get rid of the discolored leaf blades.  Also, any new growth that springs forth will be green which will improve the appearance of your lawn.

It appears that most of our landscape plants escaped any serious setbacks from the frost.  Pear, cherry and redbud trees are all in bloom right now and they all seemed to have held their blooms despite the cold.

If you are concerned about any areas of your lawn right now, give us a call.  We would be glad to come by and check on it for you.  [cta_button link=”http://lawnandpest.net/contact/” color=”cyan|red|blue|grey”]Contact us[/cta_button]

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