What is Included In Lawn Care Services?

Maintaining your lawn involves a lot of time and effort, which most working homeowners don’t have. However, neglecting your lawn can ruin your entire landscape and cause problems like weed and pest infestation. Therefore, it is best to hire professional lawn care services to care for your lawn and landscape. However, most people don’t know what lawn care services include.

Read on to know more about the standard lawn care services that lawn care professionals offer.

Lawn mowing

One of the common services that lawn care professionals offer is mowing your lawn. Mowing your lawn at regular intervals is essential to keep your yard clean and healthy. Professional lawn care service providers will mow your lawn grass with the correct equipment at the right length.

Lawn edging

As your yard is an essential element of your landscape, you need to more than just mow it from time to time to keep it in shape. Lawn edging takes care of that for you. During lawn edging, lawn care professionals remove any grass that talks over the pathways. They also divide your lawn into sections to enhance the looks by adding more dimension to your landscape.

Weed control

Weeds are another persistent problem that homeowners need to deal with in their lawns. Most lawn care professionals provide weed control and removal services, in which they de-weed your lawn and put weedicides in your yard to reduce further outbreaks. 

Grub control

If there is something more annoying than weed in your lawn, it would be the grubs. They look gross and can damage the roots of your grass and plants. If not eliminated quickly, these grubs can soon reproduce, and you will have an all-out infestation on your hands. Your lawn care professionals will kill the grubs and the eggs before they hatch. 

One way to ensure that you don’t have further grub infestation is to keep your lawn healthy, and your lawn care experts will take care of that.


Most healthy lawns require fertilization at least twice a year. And if your yard is not in the best condition, you may need to fertilize it more often. Your lawn care experts will check the condition of your lawn and will decide on a treatment plan for your lawn. They will also inform you whether you need slow-release fertilizers, fast-release fertilizers, and deep-root fertilization.

Pest control

Along with lawn care services, most professional lawn care service providers offer pest control services. Pest infestation on your lawn is a potential hazard that you must prevent by removing any potential habitat for pests and rodents. Dead tree trunks, unkempt property all invite pests to your yard. Pest control services help you get rid of any such infestation.

About Lawn & Pest Solutions

If you are looking for professional help to care for your lawn, Lawn & Pest Solutions should be your one-stop destination. Our services include de-weeding, pest control, and deep root fertilization. In addition, we ensure that your lawn looks lush and healthy. You can reach out to us at 662.534.4535, 901.560.2399, or fill our online contact form to know more.

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