What are the benefits of spraying my lawn in the fall?

Spraying your lawn in the fall more than likely means applying a pre-emergent treatment. What is a pre-emergent you ask? Pre-emergent doesn’t kill weed seeds. Instead, it stops the growth process of weed seeds. I imagine it to be a sort of thin barrier between your soil and the weed seeds below. There is one key “ingredient” in treating your lawn in the fall. Timing is everything. For pre-emergent treatment to work, it needs to be in your soil at not only the right time, but when the temperature is right. 

Timing is Everything.

When you think about timing, lawn care may not be the first topic to pop in your brain. As a fan of stand up comedians, I have great respect for timing in comedy. But timing in lawn care doesn’t boil down to one great pause or a punch line. Lawn care is about year round timing and care. You can’t wait until “the spring” to get your lawn looking good. It is a commitment that involves planning and attention to detail.

Timing your pre-emergent treatment means applying it at just the time when weeds begin to sprout. We want the weeds to hit the barrier created by the treatment. Even with the most thorough treatment, there are always some weeds that won’t be harmed by the treatment. This is why a year round plan is the only plan that really works. 

Let us do the timing for you.

Lawn 360 is Lawn & Pest Solutions’ premium, year-round, scheduled lawn service with treatments tested and proven to give you a healthy, green lawn. In between scheduled treatments, technicians provide month-to-month strategies, as needed, to keep your lawn at its thickest and greenest year round. 

Our Lawn 360 plan includes 7 treatment stages that include pre-emergent  AND post-emergent treatments. In addition to those visits, we fertilize your lawn multiple times a year. This may make you think of the late Billy Mays and his “but wait, that’s not all” sales pitches! But really, that isn’t all. When you sign up for our Lawn 360 plan, know that every time we visit your lawn, our licensed technicians will spot spray for weeds. The benefits of spraying your lawn in the fall will pay off when you are eating your lawn year round.

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