Weed pulling

Weed pulling is oddly satisfying…at first.

What is more rewarding than extricating a weed spotted in your lawn? Lifting the roots and all from the moist soil with one gentle pull. 

Now, repeat that motion 10,000 times. Pulling a lawn full of never ending weeds is a chore

Weed or plant?

In a newly landscaped lawn, every homeowner has played the game of “weed or plant?” It is easy to think of weeds as ugly sprouts in our lawn, though some aren’t ugly at all! 

No matter what weeds look like, they are robbing your lawn of nutrients and moisture. Weeds compete with your lawn for all of the “good stuff.”

Don’t pull weeds

Weed pulling doesn’t seem daunting when you just spot one. The first satisfying pull leaves you with a big chunk of weeds, roots, soil. 

Then what? This is usually when you notice that there are approximately one zillion more weeds!

Weeds are like glitter…

When you pull weeds, you usually end up spreading the seeds, creating more weeds.The slightest disturbance of a weed can cause thousands of seeds to fly all over your lawn. 

Dormant weed seeds can even be awakened by digging in the ground while adding or removing new plant material. 

Treating versus pulling

Treat weeds BEFORE they grow and spread. Realistically, you are always going to be dealing with weeds. It’s just a matter of controlling and  reducing their growth. 

Using a lawn service like Lawn and Pest Solutions can end your weed control issues. A year-round program like Lawn360 will take care of existing weeds as well as those lurking just beneath the ground. 

Our lawn technicians apply pre-emergent and post-emergent to take care of weeds at every stage of development. 

Lawn and Pest Solutions is based in New Albany, MS. We serve neighborhoods and businesses in the Memphis,Tennessee area and all over North Mississippi. Google our reviews!

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