Various Services Offered by Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape maintenance services help keep your yard tip-top year around. However, most homeowners are unaware that landscape maintenance isn’t just about maintaining the flowerbeds and mowing the lawn. There are multiple services that landscape maintenance service providers offer to keep your lawn in the best condition, including pruning, de-weeding, cleaning, and other services that are essential to keep your property lush and beautiful. 

Here are some of the standard services offered by landscape maintenance services.

Seasonal cleanups

It is common to see the yards filled with fallen leaves and twigs during fall or the early spring. However, it is rarely an appealing sight. Landscape maintenance services can clean up the mess for you. During seasonal cleanups in spring and fall, the service providers remove all the leaves and other debris from your yard to make it clean and beautiful. During spring, they also prune the shrubs and trees to promote growth.


The grass is a resilient life form and will try to grow wherever it can. If left unkempt for long, it will usually take over your pathways, driveways, and patio. Edging prevents the overgrowth of grass and gives your lawn a neat and professional appearance.

Pruning and trimming

Ornamental plants and trees need to be maintained year-round to look beautiful.  Therefore, pruning and trimming become essential to keep them in the desired shape for your landscape. Pruning also removes any dead or diseased branches from plants to prevent further infection and promote healthy growth. Along with pruning, the lawn maintenance services also de-weed your garden and flower beds to ensure that weeds don’t kill healthy plant growth. 


Watering your plants and lawn is essential for their health. And to correctly water your yard, you need to have a sound irrigation system. Landscape maintenance services will help you install the right irrigation system for your lawn and do the maintenance work if anything needs to be replaced or repaired. Most irrigation systems require annual maintenance to stay in good condition.

Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing is essential to make your landscape look clean and aesthetically pleasing. It also promotes healthier growth and greener lawns. However, to get the desired results, it is essential to follow the correct mowing technique. Landscape maintenance companies will regularly mow your property and ensure that the grass growth rate is maintained and the grass is not cut too short. They will also bring the necessary mowing equipment.

Plant replacements

Some plants have growth outbursts and can create an overbearing presence in your landscape. Lawn maintenance services can replace such plants with other plants that will fit in your landscape. 

You may also want to replace a particular plant as it requires a lot of maintenance. The maintenance service can remove the plant without damaging the other plants and replace it with a suitable substitute.

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