5 Tips to Prevent Weed Growth in Your Lawn

One thing that can ruin your beautiful lawn and landscape is a weed invasion. Weeds absorb the essential nutrients and water from the soil required by the grass and plants in your lawn. You may have to de-weed your lawn frequently to keep it free from weeds. Unfortunately, weeds are quite common in every landscape and reappear mysteriously in your lawn or garden with a few weeks of de-weeding. 

Here are a few tried and tested tips to help reduce and prevent weed growth in your lawn.

Don’t disturb the sleeping weeds

The soil naturally contains weed seeds that lay dormant under the layers of soil due to lack of sunlight. However, when you dig and prod the soil to plant any new plant or grass, the dormant seeds will come and start sprouting. To prevent that from happening try not to dig any area that you won’t use immediately and replace it with mulch or a new plant after digging.

Don’t leave the roots behind

One common mistake that homeowners make while de-weeding their lawn is leaving the roots behind in the soil. Just cutting off the short that you can see above the soil is a temporary fix. The roots will grow again and you will have your garden filled with weeds in no time. Therefore, you need to dig out the weeds by the roots as much as possible. If that’s not possible, at least cut off the head at regular intervals.

Use mulch in your lawn

Mulch traps in moisture and prevents light from reaching the weed seeds in the soil and stops them from growing. Adding a layer of mulch that is up to 4 to 5 centimeters deep can help you control weed growth significantly.

Using organic mulch can provide even better results as it can host various organisms like crickets and carabid beetles that eat weed seeds in the soil. Another tip is to use a light-blocking sheet of cardboard or clothing under the layer of mulch to prevent any light from seeping below.

Water selectively

Another common practice that promotes weed growth in your lawn and garden is easy access to water for the weeds to grow. To prevent that, avoid watering your garden where weeds are more profound. Use techniques like drip irrigation to ensure that only the plant and grass you want in your garden get water.

Avoid any gaps in your lawn

Wherever there are gaps in your lawn or garden between the plants, the weeds will take over quickly. The best way to stop weeds from doing that is to fill these gaps as early as possible by planting new grass seeds in such areas. If you have shrubs and plants on your lawn, leave only small gaps between the plants. 

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