Confused When It’s Time To Mow Your Lawn? 

As you mow your lawn, a thought comes to mind: is this the right time? It’s fall, and rain could be coming soon. But then you look up at the ominous, dark clouds looming overhead – seconds later, it begins pouring! Annoyance washes over you as you hastily seek shelter, all while knowing that your grass remains too tall for comfort.

There’s no need to fret; lots of people have experienced this common problem in the past. Luckily, certain reliable indicators will help you determine the optimal time to mow your lawn. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to identify these signs so that you don’t remain uncertain about this pesky problem any longer.

The Seasons Control It All

The reality is that lawn care is heavily influenced by seasonal and weather conditions, so to ensure your grass remains healthy year-round, we will dive into the necessary indicators you should look out for. That way, you can confidently mow your lawn, knowing it’s the correct time to do so!

Spring: Unwind While Mowing The Lawn With Nature’s Melodies

Mowing during spring might be difficult because the grass has likely grown longer than normal during winter, and the weather is usually unpredictable. However, once the temperature remains above 50 degrees at night for an extended time, you should mow every 6 to 7 days so your lawn remains healthy.

Summer: Let Your Lawn Become A Source Of Radiant Beauty!

As the temperatures begin to rise, make sure you’re ready with your mower! Maintaining a vibrant lawn is simple when you remember to mow every 4-6 days. This prevents it from growing too quickly and ensures that your grass has access to all the nutrients needed during this warm season while looking lusciously green.

Fall: Beat The Frost And Get Your Lawn Prepared For Winter!

As you enter the autumnal season in September and October, when temperatures remain relatively mild, mowing your lawn will be required every 6 days. However, once the temperature drops significantly and becomes consistently chilly towards wintertime, reduce your mowing frequency to 8 or 9 days.

Take The Hassle Away With Our Lawn Care Services!

With all this new understanding, you may have noticed that mowing your lawn is a regular task for most of the year. If not done correctly or on time, it can affect your lawn’s future health and give an unkempt appearance to visitors. To avoid any possible embarrassment or hassle associated with cutting your grass, you should contact lawn care services immediately.

Stop looking for “lawn care services near me” – Lawn & Pest Solutions has covered you! Our team of dedicated professionals will not only offer advice on the mowing process, but with our Green 360 program, they’ll ensure your lawn remains in its best shape all year long. To experience high-quality service that’s second to none, contact us and learn more about us today!


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