The Environmental Benefits of Your Lawn

A lawn is an integral element of your home’s landscape. And most homeowners try to maintain their lawns in the best shape just for the aesthetic value and a place for their kids to play. However, lawns provide several benefits other than just improving the curb appeal to your home. There are various hidden environmental benefits of maintaining a lush green lawn on your property throughout the year. 

Here are some of the most prevalent environmental benefits of a healthy lawn. 

Lawn grass improves the soil structure

Soil erosion refers to the displacement of the top layer of soil due to elements like wind and water. It is problematic because the top layer contains most of the nutrients required by plants. Lawn grass can help reduce soil erosion. The grass also allows the soil to stay open to absorb water easily. And the grass blade that’s cut off acts as a natural nutrient source for soil.

Improves air quality

Like every other flora on the planet, grass also consumes CO2 and releases oxygen during photosynthesis. So your lawn reduces CO2 and keeps the air clean. CO2 is also one of the major greenhouse emission gases responsible for global warming. So, by maintaining your lawn, you are also contributing to saving the planet from global warming.

Reduces noise pollution

Have you ever noticed how cities are more noisy and loud than suburbs or counties that have a lot of greenery? It is because sound bounces off quickly on multiple surfaces in cities. However, grass acts as a sound insulator, reducing noise pollution.

Prevents stormwater runoff

If you have a bare yard, most of the rainwater that pours there will quickly rush down to a lower surface, and the groundwater in your areas will be rapidly depleted. However, if your lawn is covered with grass, the water doesn’t run off that quickly. And the open pores due to grassroots will allow the soil to absorb, quickly reducing rainwater wastage and increasing groundwater reserves. 

Keeps your home cooler

The trees and grass in your lawn significantly reduce the air temperature in your vicinity. The temperature can range from 7 to 14 degrees celsius, which means your HVAC system has to work less to keep your home cool during summers. It also saves you a lot of money on energy bills.

Reduce fire hazards

Healthy and green lawns act as natural fire barriers and prevent the spread of wildfire in your area. They also reduce the risk of fire spread in case of man-made accidents such as gas explosions. 

Improves groundwater quality

The lawn grass and various microorganisms that grow along with it break down the pollutants, reducing the chances of groundwater contamination in the area. Filtering the rainwater through your lawns before reaching the groundwater table can reduce its acidity by up to 10%. It also reduces contamination of other water bodies like rivers and ponds in that area. 

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