The Differences Between Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance

Keeping a lawn lush green and healthy is a year-round job, and most homeowners don’t have the time or expertise to maintain it. That’s why they prefer hiring professionals for the job. However, many homeowners feel confused as to hiring lawn care services or lawn maintenance services. Is there even a difference? There is a significant difference in both these services, and you must know it to choose what’s best for your lawn. 

Read on to know how lawn care services differ from lawn maintenance.

What are lawn care services?

When you consider lawn care services, think of all the services essentially focusing on the health of your turf and the soil in your landscape. Here, the service providers focus on making your lawn and its elements healthy rather than looks. They check the soil quality and, if it is in poor condition, take measures to improve it.

Most basic lawn care services include:

  • Soil testing: Checking the nutrients and PH balance of the soil.
  • Mulching: Covering the bare ground in your yard with organic matter like straw to retain moisture.
  • Fertilizer application: Regularly adding fertilizers to your yard.
  • Aeration: Introducing air into the soil for better root growth.
  • Tree and shrub pruning: Removing dead and diseased branches.
  • Pest control: Using insecticides to remove and prevent pest and rodent infestation.
  • Pre and post-emergent weed control: Removing weeds and crabgrass and putting weedicides to prevent outgrowth.
  • Organic lawn care: Using organic methods and products to grow and maintain your lawn.
  • Checking irrigation systems: Installing and repairing irrigation systems in your lawn to water it properly. 

What are lawn maintenance services?

Lawn care ensures your lawn looks fantastic, so by default, it includes landscaping services. Lawn maintenance also includes keeping your yard and landscape clean. 

Some standard lawn maintenance services include:

  • Spraying and cleanup: Removing dead leaves, debris, and twigs from your lawn and watering it.
  • Lawn mowing: Cutting the grass at regular intervals.
  • Edging: Removing grass overgrowth on any surface outside the lawn like the pathways, patios, and driveways to create a defined look.
  • Shaping: Cutting the flowerbeds, shrubs, and trees to achieve the desired shape.
  • Spring and yard cleanup: Removing dead leaves and keeping that fall abundantly during both these seasons to keep your lawn manicured.

What should you opt for?

Now that you know the difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance, how do you choose one from another? The answer is you should not choose one over the other. Without lawn care, lawn maintenance won’t work, and the fruits of lawn care won’t shine without lawn maintenance.

Instead, opt for a combination of lawn care and lawn maintenance services to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

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