Does yard work count as “PE” for homeschooling?

Of course, yard work counts as physical education! Sheltering in place has taken a toll on most of us who are homeschooling children or just have restless teens and/or adults in the house. Here are several activities that will not only take the energy level down a notch, but will help your lawn in the long run.

Get off the sofa and mow the lawn!

Before you know it,  your lawn will be dry enough to get out the mower. This is a great time to teach those sofa dwelling children and teens how to mow.  Take a moment before you crank it up to click on the link to a blog we posted last year on “The Art of Scalping”. It never hurts to refresh your memory!

Here are more outdoor activities that definitely qualify as physical education and will have your lawn looking gorgeous by the time we can all get out and about! Here are some tips to get the children, teens and other household members moving:

  • Be careful not to prune spring or summer flowering shrubs or you will cut off blooms
  • Prune low hanging limbs from trees in your yard, this makes mowing easier, it improves your landscape and it gives the grass around your tree every opportunity to get sunlight it needs
  • If remulching your flower beds to keep weed growth down, don’t allow it to get too thick next to the foundation of your home, this can become a superhighway for termites!
  • Look for standing water in old flower pots, wheelbarrows, birdbaths, that old tire from your lawn mower. It only takes a teaspoon of water for mosquitoes to lay eggs, dump it out!
  • Do something to prevent weeds in your flower beds and lawn. If you don’t know what to do or you don’t want to do it, Lawn 360 is for you! Contact the Lawn and Pest professionals at Lawn and Pest Solutions.

There won’t be a test, but let’s review. Yes, yard work counts as physical education while homeschooling your children. So get them off the sofa, teach them how the lawn mower works and give them an A+.