Why spray my lawn in the fall?

You may ask yourself, why spray my lawn in the fall? Cool weather and even cooler temps coming should indicate that it’s time to take a break! Remember, proper lawn care is a year round job.

Timing is Everything.

Timing is everything when it comes to good lawn care. It is a commitment that involves planning and attention to detail. Don’t wait until spring to get your lawn looking good. It is important to spray your lawn in the fall with a pre-emergent treatment.

Pre-emergent stops the growth process of weed seeds. It does not kill weed seeds. Imagine pre-emergent as a thin barrier between your soil and the weed seeds below. For it to work, it needs to be in your soil at not only the right time, but when the temperature is right. 

When IS the right time?

Apply a pre-emergent at just the time when weeds begin to sprout. It is necessary for weeds to hit the barrier created by the treatment. Even with the most thorough treatment, there are always some weeds that won’t be harmed by the treatment. This is why a year-round plan is the only plan that really works. 

Let us do the timing for you.

If all of this timing and spraying at “just the right moment” (plus waiting for the perfect temperature) stresses you out, we can help. Lawn 360 is our premium, year-round, scheduled lawn service. Our treatments are tested and proven to give you a healthy, green lawn. 

Our Lawn 360 plan includes 7 treatment stages that include pre-emergent  AND post-emergent treatments. In addition to those visits, we do lawn fertilization multiple times a year. Every time we visit your lawn, our licensed technicians will spot spray for weeds. The benefits of spraying your lawn in the fall will pay off when you are enjoying your lawn year-round.

Hire our professionals for lawn care weed control services. Contact our office today to learn more and sign up for our Lawn 360 program.