Fire ants, football and the art of pest control

In our part of the country, fire ants are so prevelant and have such a reputation that in North Mississippi, we named a football team after them. If that doesn’t impress you, check out this video on YouTube, where artists pour molten aluminum down a fire ant colony? We can all appreciate the beauty of nature and the artistry of the folks who came up with this idea. It’s truly amazing to see the intricacies and expansiveness of what is happening right under our lawns with fire ants!

Maybe it’s a Southern thing….

The impressive fire ants are very organized and hard working pests, but they also sting us, our children and our pets. Maybe that’s why the naming of the Tupelo Fire Ants Indoor Football team was so genius!  Most Southerners have a horror story involving a bare foot stuck in a fire ant mound. Many of us watched our dads attempt to pour concoctions of powders, liquids and even gasoline down into the mounds. Anything to rid our yards of the ugly piles of hardened dirt. 

They don’t bite, they sting!

Of course, there’s a better way to deal with these pests. Their safe and effective Fire Ant 360 program won’t poison your dog or burn up your grass and you won’t have to worry about your children running into the house screaming in pain because of fire ant stings!

We can get rid of these pests

Lawn & Pest Solutions has the technology and expertise to provide season-long control. Our fire ant control treatments target the queen, not just the mound. Our program is very efficient, just two strategically timed bait applications will typically wipe out 95% of your fire ants. We will visit two more times per year just to assess the effectiveness or apply more bait if needed at no extra charge. Give us a call or click here and we will send out a licensed technician to address your issues!