It’s Less Expensive to Hire a Professional to Treat Your Lawn

Seeing the transition of your lawn from a weedy or muddy mess to a beautiful carpet of plush, green grass is a rewarding experience.  Some choose to tackle this transformation on their own, while others go the route of hiring a professional.  Is it worth hiring a professional when you calculate the costs?  Can you treat your lawn on your own for less?  Considering all of the inputs, it is less less expensive to hire a professional to treat your lawn.


Many people fail to consider what they get when they hire a competent professional to treat their lawn.  The materials needed to prevent weeds, eradicate weeds, and keep a lawn fertilized all go into the costs obviously, but you get more than just materials when you hire a professional.  You also get the expertise of a professional.  This expertise will save you money in the long run.  Misapplication of the correct herbicide, or the application of the wrong herbicide can be costly.  You either do not get the results you want, or in the worst cases your lawn is permanently damaged.  Do you know which herbicide best controls the weeds you are dealing with?  Lawn & Pest Solutions technicians are trained in the techniques to responsibly apply the correct herbicides and fertilizers, resulting in a beautiful lawn in a quicker period of time.

Save Time

Another consideration for treating your lawn yourself is your time.  Everyone is pulled in different directions with commitments to family, work, church and hobbies.  Consider if you have the time to spare, AND the ability to treat your lawn at the correct time.  The timing of applications often makes all of the difference in the results you see with your lawn.  Lawn & Pest Solutions technicians take the worry out of how and when to treat your lawn.  Our technicians are trained in the different weeds seen in lawns in North Mississippi, and which control methods work best for each weed.


The final consideration is the equipment needed to properly treat your lawn.  Inexpensive fertilizer spreaders and pump sprayers are readily available at home improvement stores.  Ask yourself if you can depend on these to last through a growing season, or to work properly over time.  Safe, accurate application of herbicides is very important, and something that we take seriously.  Maintaining and storing your equipment in the offseason is another consideration and just one more task for you to worry with.  Investment in equipment alone can sometimes equal the cost of paying a professional to take care of the work for you.  When you hire Lawn & Pest Solutions, you have the peace of mind that your lawn will be cared for properly.

For the thickest, healthiest lawn we recommend our Lawn 360 program.  Contact us if we can help you.

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