Remulching flower beds

When tempted to remulch your flower beds, it’s not that hard to go for it. Everyone knows that mulch is an added bonus to most landscapes. Mulch protects your plants and gardens while making everything look a little nicer in the process. 

It is time to remulch the flower beds?

According to Gary Bachman at Mississippi State Extension Service, anytime is a good time to remulch. 

Remember these things:

If you mulch too early, your mulch might keep the soil colder or frozen longer. 

Try waiting until the last freeze is over to allow the soil to warm up. 

You don’t have to remove the old mulch! Experts say we should leave last years’ mulch and allow it to break down into the soil.

Is remulching necessary? Ever?

Mulching is never a bad idea. Whether mulching for the first time or remulching for the fifth time, mulch allows air, water, and nutrients to get to roots. Mulch also protects the plants. Check out one of our previous blogs, like this one about mulching versus bagging.

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