Prep your lawn for spring now

Less than two weeks from Christmas, the last thing you want to think about is how to prep your lawn for spring, right? Well, the year round process of lawn care is truly that, year round. Just remember all of the time you spent this spring and summer to have a beautiful lawn. Don’t let that hard work go to waste!

Now that winter is here, there are things you can do to prep your lawn for spring. Your winter work will ensure a healthy lawn once spring arrives. Here are some things you can do to prep your lawn for spring:

Remove heavy limbs from your lawn.

Heavy piles of anything cause compacted lawns, patchiness and dead grass. Those piles also make great hiding places for rodents and pests waiting to get into your home.

Rake the last of the leaves.

Don’t just rake the leaves, remove the leaves. Piles of anything are not healthy for any lawn.


Aerate before the ground becomes frozen. Breaking through “thatch” is what allows air, water and nutrients to get down into the roots of your lawn. Whether using plugs or spikes to poke down through thatch, this process increases airflow and helps with drainage.

Water the lawn.

Cold air and wind can dehydrate your grass. Give your lawn a deep watering if it needs it, but don’t water when the temperature is below 40 degrees.

Get rid of the weeds.

Brown lawns aren’t dead, they are dormant. Dormant lawns are asleep. Don’t let weeds take over just because your lawn doesn’t look pretty. Now is the time to apply pre-emergent weed killer.

Mow the grass, one more time.

As long as the grass is dry, mow it one last time. Make this last cut to be a little shorter than summer cuts. This helps to keep rodents away, especially voles.

If you have any energy left…

Winter is a great time for mower repair. Clean, repair, replace parts, and sharpen blades.

This spring, you will be glad you prepped your lawn.

Lawn care is a year-round job. Even in the winter, you are prepping for spring. A little bit of work and prep year-round will result in a healthier lawn come spring. 

Call us if you have any questions or concerns. Our year-round Lawn360 program provides aerating and pre-emergent treatments for your lawn.  Lawn and Pest Solutions provides licensed lawn technicians who know exactly how to help your lawn.