Can I bug proof my home?

You CAN bug proof your home! Keeping bugs away is almost as simple as keeping a tidy home and yard. Of course, calling a Lawn and Pest Solutions technician to treat your home for pests is always a great idea. Just remember that to successfully KEEP bugs away, this is a team effort. The best professional treatment won’t work if we aren’t “all in this together”. 

Bug proof your home from the outside

  • If you have firewood stacked next to your home, get it off the ground and move it a few feet away from the house. 
  • Clean up debris from your yard. Piles of sticks, limbs and leaves are gathering places for bugs. If there are any limbs, vines or branches that actually touch your home, remove them. These create a corridor for bugs and other undesirable critters to get into your roof or home.
  • Repair any small holes, cracks or tears in window screens, under doors or windows. Bugs are tiny and can get in the smallest access points.

Bug proof your home from the Inside

  • This may seem super obvious, but shut your windows and doors, all the way. Don’t leave gaping doors and unscreened windows open. This is the easiest way for ANYTHING to get in your home. 
  • Check the space behind your washing machine and refrigerator where water lines come in. This is not as obvious or easy to check, but a very easy point for bugs to get in your home.
  • Keeping the inside of your home tidy and clean is obvious, but vacuuming away cobwebs may not be. 

What are bugs looking for inside my home?

Water first.

Leaky faucets or sources of water are popular gathering spots for bugs. Look under your sink, washing machine, and refrigerator, this is where bugs gather. Water that runs from outside to inside is their best bet.

Food next. There are two quick and easy things you should ALWAYS do. 

  • Rinse and put away dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Sweep up pet food and keep it in sealed containers.

You can bug-proof your home, but it takes teamwork. You do your part, we will do ours. Contact Lawn and Pest Solutions in New Albany, MS and we will work with you to bug-proof your home. Hire our local bed bug exterminators to protect your home from unwanted guests. Our licensed pest technicians will show up promptly and treat your house the same they would their own. We serve neighborhoods and businesses from Memphis, TN, and anywhere in between all over North Mississippi.