How to prepare your mower for summer

With lots of rain behind us and more sun ahead, it is time to prepare your mower for the summer. This weekend would be a great time to pull the pool floats off the top, blow off the dust and see what you’ve got to work with!

Use this checklist to prepare your mower for summer:

Are the blades sharp? This is important. Dull blades make your grass weak. Weak grass is not good at fighting disease or pests.

Is the oil fresh? If your oil is from last season, drain it and replace it with new.

How is the air filter? If you have a washable filter, soak it in warm, soapy water. If it’s made of cardboard or paper, just pop in a new one. Experts say we should do this every season.

Lubricate all moving parts!

How is the fuel filter? Fuel filters can’t be cleaned because they can easily be damaged, so just buy a new one.

Get a new spark plug! These are inexpensive, no need to clean or reuse old ones.

Replace the belt or battery if needed.

Check your fuel! If you have left fuel in your mower for more than 30 days, go ahead and drain it and fill it with fresh fuel. 


While Lawn and Pest Solutions is not in the business of mowing lawns, we want to help you have the healthiest lawn. Having the proper equipment is very important to achieving a beautiful lawn. Getting your lawn mower ready for spring is an important step you can take at home. 

If you need more help with getting a beautiful lawn, we have a staff of professional lawn technicians. Lawn and Pest Solutions can help you, just contact us today. We serve the Memphis, Tennessee, and North Mississippi regions.