Lawn care after Labor Day

After a long, hot summer in the South, most of the “lawn tenders” are asking, “are we there yet?” Can we pack away lawn care after Labor Day like we are supposed to pack away our white shoes and pants?

Our work is never done.

Much like laundry and housework, lawn care is never really done. Owning a home is a great thing, but keeping it up is a never-ending job. Landscaping and lawns fall under this category of never-ending work.

It was fun at first!

When you first buy or build a home, it is really exciting. Picking out paint, windows, and doors that show off your style are part of your exterior look. Landscaping is a major investment that not only adds value but also accentuates your style. These are exciting times for a new homeowner!

Fast forward ten years: the roof is leaking, the paint is peeling and the driveway is stained. The lawn is looking thin and patches have appeared.

Don’t wait for the ten year mark.

Seasonal home maintenance is important. It keeps us from being ten years down the road with thousands in repairs and sprucing up to do. 

Maintaining the lawn, landscaping, turf, and plantings are all things we need to do year-round. Continuous upkeep and management of our home and lawn make this job manageable, financially and in terms of hard work.

To do list for the fall:

Do a little lawn care every day (or week) even after Labor Day. This will make lawn care easy and affordable. Small jobs done year-round will give your lawn the best chance at being beautiful and healthy.

  • Keep mowing as long as the grass is growing.
  • Take care of your lawnmower.
  • Water your lawn, even when the weather is cool.
  •   Rake piles of leaves up before the job is too much to handle. Wet piles of leaves left on your lawn rot and suffocate the turf.
  • Aeration and lawn fertilization WILL pay off when spring arrives.
  • Never stop fighting the war against pests in your lawn.  Armywormsmolesweeds…must be controlled.

Don’t give up now.

Whether you decide to pack up those white pants for the winter or not, lawn care after Labor Day is definitely a “thing”. Lawn work and home maintenance require year-round attention. A little work every day makes this manageable. But you don’t have to do this by yourself. 

Our licensed technicians at Lawn and Pest Solutions are just a phone call, text, or email away. We can help you with not only lawn, plant, and tree issues but also their future health. Our lawn care weed control services will get your lawn looking beautiful. We serve the Memphis, Tennessee and North Mississippi areas.