Mulch in January

Adding mulch in January may sound a little out of season, but this is the best time to mulch! If this seems to be “too much” for winter when you really just want to hibernate, keep reading.

Benefits of mulch (at any time of the year)

Maybe it’s not the thought of mulching in “winter”, maybe it’s the thought of “why mulch at all” that has stalled you. These are our top three reasons you should consider mulch (at any time of year):

Mulch reduces evaporation of moisture

Mulch moderates the temperature of your soil

Mulch helps control weeds

Why mulch in January?

Mulch keeps your ground/soil temperature at steady temperature. This keeps your plants in a state of dormancy (resting, not dead). Why do you want to keep your plants in a state of dormancy? 

Our crazy Southern winters…

One day you are wearing flip flops, the next day it snows. Not uncommon for this area, right? Those brief warm spells can trigger your plants to sprout up way earlier than they should. This causes trouble when a week later, it freezes. This is why you want to keep the temperature of the soil cold throughout the dormancy season. 

Do you want to go to a new level of mulch learning?

For those who really want to explore more about the benefits of mulching in January, click this link to learn about “frost heaving”.

Tips for mulching in January

Remove weeds before mulching 

Apply mulch 2-4 inches thick, this may seem like a lot, but remember it will settle into the ground over time

Don’t make “mulch volcanoes” around trees

At this time of year, there aren’t many things a homeowner can do around the yard. As always, we like to remind our customers that having a beautiful and healthy lawn is a year-round job. Your landscape is an investment and it adds to the value of your property.

A simple task like mulching in January is something that will pay off for the rest of the year. If you have questions about mulching or any other concerns with lawn care, give us a call at Lawn and Pest Solutions. Our licensed lawn technicians serve Tennessee and the North Mississippi area. We would love to help you with the beautification of your lawn.