Fighting Fire Ants

Fire ants are hard working and organized, so fighting fire ants is not an easy job. They create amazing and expansive tunnels underground for escaping those who dare to disturb the mound. 

The danger of fire ants

Fire ant stings hurt a little when you just have one, though it is more common to be stung multiple times by multiple fire ants. The blisters that develop afterwards are allergic reactions, though some people develop more severe reactions. The areas immediately surrounding the sting may swell, burn, or itch. These stings and/or allergic reactions to the stings can be very dangerous to our children and our pets, especially if they are allergic. 

Fighting fire ants is not that complicated when working with professionals like Lawn and Pest Solutions. While there are plenty of DIY fire ant “solutions” you can try, most people are just chasing them around underneath your lawn.

How to fight fire ants

The best way to fight fire ants is with a bait system. A bait system does not disturb the mounds. Disturbing fire ant mounds is not the best plan of attack. When the mound is disturbed, fire ants get angry.

Bait systems for fire ants

 With a fire ant bait system, the fire ants get the bait and return to their underground system of tunnels. They then “share” the bait with the army below your lawn.Lawn & Pest Solutions has the technology and expertise to provide season-long fire ant control treatment for houses

The Lawn and Pest Solutions plan

Our treatments target the queen, not just the mound. Our plan is efficient and effective. In just two strategically timed bait applications, we typically wipe out 95% of your fire ants. 

We will visit two more times per year just to assess the effectiveness or apply more bait (if needed) at no extra charge. 

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