Hiring a Pest Professional

How do you know when you need to hire a pest professional? Is it the first time you walk the pesticide aisle of a home improvement store? 

The big bags of chemicals and small containers of mysterious liquids are intimidating. The fine print on the bags and bottles along with the smells of their contents are a lot to process. 

You may say to yourself “I don’t know what I am doing here”. Maybe it is time for you to consider the benefits of hiring a pest professional! 

You may ask yourself…

Is this the right formula? 

Is this safe for my pet? 

What will happen if my children touch/eat this? Where do I spray? 

Do I spray it once a week? Month? Year?

What is in this stuff?

And for this writer… Where did we put the sprayer, and how do I get this smelly stuff inside of it?

With all of that in mind, a DIY insecticide program should bring up a lot of uncertainties.

Hiring a pest professional sounds like a good idea. 

Most of us pay someone more knowledgeable to change our oil, rotate our tires and resolve plumbing problems. Why do we think we can fend off an infestation of roaches? 

Hiring a pest professional can give you peace of mind. A pest professional undergoes continual training to maintain certification. In addition to that, at Lawn and Pest Solutions, our pest professionals have additional standards to maintain. 

When, what, where and how much.

Our licensed pest professionals at Lawn and Pest Solutions apply pesticides that are specific to the area you live. These treatments apply to the specific problems you have.

  • Our pros look for points of entry and help you exclude them.
  • Our pros broom down cobwebs and wasps nests outside so they don’t set up camp outside your home. 
  • Our pros know “what’s coming” ….(for instance, we know ants are more active in wet weather).
  • Our pros are proactive. We like to prevent pest problems, not just solve them. 
  • Our pros have seen it all. We know where to look, what to look under, what signs to look for when solving pest problems. 

Hiring a pest professional is a no-brainer.

At Lawn and Pest Solutions, our pest professionals are here to solve your problems. You don’t have to be a DIY pest guy, just call us with your pest problems and questions. Leave the hiring of pest professionals up to us.

Leave the YouTube tutorials to the stay at home chemists. They can mix up their homemade roach spray in their kitchens. Meanwhile, you can feel confident in our trained pest professionals. We are here for you. 

Call our office today to have peace of mind. We serve the North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee areas.

What are the dangers of DIY pest control?

While there are plenty of dangers associated with DIY pest control, have you even considered what a time-consuming project this could be? The online research, the time spent in the home supply store, the READING OF DIRECTIONS…must we go on?

Of course, there are plenty of people who like to think they can “do” everything. Repair the toilet, replace the dishwasher, fix the roof, patch up the drywall, any names coming to mind yet?

For DYI pest control, there are real dangers that should be of concern before you (or your spouse) decide today is the day to get rid of that bedbug infestation on your own. Read about this over zealous DIY pest control “expert” here.

Easy DIY you can safely do to help with pest control at home

We give this same advice at least once a month to our Lawn and Pest Solutions readers:

  • Remove sources of food, especially dirty dishes in sinks and pet food from the floor.
  • Put away food on counters
  • Store garbage in tightly closed containers, remove from home often if not daily.
  • Check for ways pests can enter your home. Cracks under doors, around windows, torn screens, etc.
  • Remove clutter.
  • Check for leaks around all water sources.
  • Check bags and boxes that have been in storage before bringing them inside. (See Christmas decor)

Why you should NOT try DIY pest control 

There are so many ways to mess up DIY pest control, it’s just not worth it. You can harm your pets, your children, the interior of your home, even the wildlife outside of your home. 

Chemicals must be properly mixed and safely stored. (True story: my mother-in-law is famously known for storing rat poison in a soda bottle in the place where the family kept their soda.) 

Chemicals must be disposed of properly, you don’t want to contaminate the water source of your family or others! “Others” includes the birds and bees and cats and dogs who might be drinking your poisoned water. 

Choose another project for today, we will handle the pests for you.

This guide from the EPA is very easy to read and understand. At Lawn and Pest Solutions in New Albany, MS we do provide safe and effective pest treatment for your home or business. We aren’t just saying “DIY pest control is dangerous” to get more customers. It truly is a dangerous gamble for an untrained “at home expert”. 

Leave it up to us to get your home pest-free and keep it that way. Our licensed pest technicians are ready to serve the Memphis, TN, and North Mississippi areas. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Let us show you #thelpsdifference. Call us today!