Occasional invaders

What does it mean to be an occasional invader? In the pest control world it is a pest that isn’t an issue until they infest your home.

 A few ladybugs, stink bugs or silverfish don’t typically bother most. The same might not be said of one spider or even one cricket depriving you of a night’s sleep! 

Change the numbers from one or two to hundreds or thousands and call it an infestation. 

This is when things change quickly. Ladybugs aren’t so cute when they have covered your walls with their “mark”. 

When occasional invaders infest:

  • Some secrete foul odors 
  • Some may cause damage and/or staining to your indoor fabrics
  • They can damage your indoor plants
  • They may bite or pinch you or your pets
  • When they die, their bodies can attract other pests
  • Their dead bodies, shed skins and droppings can cause some people to have allergic and/or asthma issues

 Common occasional invaders

Like more pests, occasional invaders are typically looking for food, water, or warmth. The best places to find them are under sinks, cupboards, crawl spaces, basements, showers and tubs.

Who are they?

  • Centipedes (usually found in shower drains)
  • Earwigs (usually found in moist areas)
  • Pill Bugs (aka Roly Polies or Doodle Bugs)
  • Crickets
  • Beetles
  • Silverfish (attracted to paper like wallpaper, books, and envelopes)
  • Ladybugs 
  • Spiders 
  • Cluster flies
  • Stinkbugs

This a year round problem

Occasional invaders aren’t mysterious pests that suddenly appear in the winter, they are active year round. Most of the time they are outdoors and we don’t notice them until they start getting inside our homes for the winter. 

Pest control is a partnership.

Keeping pests OUT of your home is more than half the battle. Here are a few tips:

Pay attention to cracks around windows and doors, tears in screens, piles of leaves, or branches around your home. 

Repair any possible entryway for pests so they can’t get in your home. 

Eliminate areas where water can collect. Check under your sinks for leaking pipes and repair. 

When you partner with Lawn and Pest Solutions, we will help you wage war against the “occasional invaders”. Our services will also protect your home from termites, roaches, ants, and more. 

Our licensed pest technicians will thoroughly spray inside and outside of your home on a regular schedule to keep your home free of pests year-round. Contact us here to learn more about our Pest360 program.