Local or National for Pest Control

When choosing a pest control company, one can choose between a local or national company.  It is easy and fast to Google “pest control” and find a national company.  Orkin and Terminix most likely pop up first. National marketing and branding companies have successfully made their names a fixture. Local or national pest control is a choice to think about before making the decision.

Orkin, Terminix, and other national pest control companies aren’t bad. They are large and successful pest control companies. We easily recognize their names and logos and feel like we “know” them. But what do they know about you

Who are we?

Working with a locally owned business like Lawn and Pest Solutions means that you are getting very personal service. We have customers and technicians that know each other on a first-name basis and keep up with each others’ lives. We work hard to retain our employees for years so that customer relationships are solid and built on trust. 

Our pest technicians are trusted and honest, hardworking, and loyal to the company and our customers. We don’t send in “fly by night” employees to spray in your home. Our licensed pest technicians are people that you can trust. You won’t be worried to see our guys spraying in your lawn or on your patio. 

Did you Google us first?

When deciding between a local or a national pest company, try reading the Google reviews. You can’t help but notice that our customers frequently refer to our employees by name in the reviews. Do you know your pest technician by name? 

In addition to providing reliable technicians, our owner Paul Welborn feels personally responsible for each customer. From customer service to satisfaction with pest services, Paul is invested. It is not uncommon for him to show up at a home to help solve an unusual pest issue. He is committed to making sure the customer gets the best possible service.

Keeping people happy.

Lawn and Pest owner Paul Welborn is hands-on and present.  Whether loading up trucks at 6:45 a.m. or frying up fish at employee appreciation day, he is there. Creating personal relationships with his employees and investing in their futures is important to Paul. Keeping loyal, trained technicians that want to stay with the company is key to keeping customers happy. 

When the company sees itself as a team, everyone benefits, including the customers. This is why it is important to choose locally owned pest control services over a nationally owned pest service. At Lawn and Pest Solutions, we want to know YOUR name and give you the best termite and pest control ​you can get.

We provide outstanding customer service and stand behind our programs. We serve the North Mississippi and Memphis areas with outstanding pest control and lawn treatment for pests. Contact our office 24/7 to get a very fast response and outstanding service.