How to repair a bald spot in your lawn

Repairing a bald spot in your lawn is fairly easy. Maybe not as easy as buying a can of spray on grass, but it’s a totally doable process. If only it were as simple as Ron Popeil of  Ronco in the early 90’s pushed with “GLH”, his Great Looking Hair spray on hair product. If you don’t remember spray on hair, check out this video for two minutes of pure delight. Speaking of things that are bald…

But the bald eagle isn’t bald!

A simple Google search of bald spot brings up many images before you find a patchy looking lawn. You can imagine…a bald eagle, which isn’t bald after all. Yes, I had to find out how it got its’ name here. That lead to a search for “famous people with a bald spot” and guess what? Not many results. Looks like famous people take care of their bald spots before the paparazzi catches them! Let’s get on to repairing bald spots on your lawn…

The dog did it.

Before getting to the repair, you must first determine the cause of your bald spot(s). For many, bald spots are caused by pet urine. Yuck. Specifically dog urine. But what can you do? One fairly easy solution to stopping the damage is to redirect your dog to other areas to relieve themselves. This will take action on your part, as dogs tend to visit their same spots. It also assumes that you are taking your dog out on a leash and have control of where he or she “visits”. If that is not the case, skip to the “I don’t even have a dog!” section below. 

I don’t even have a dog!

Pet urine is not the only reason for bald spots in lawns (I never thought I would type that phrase), there could be issues with disease, weed or insect infestation.  If this is the case, contact us at Lawn and Pest Solutions and get our guys out to do some investigating. Let us help you determine the cause before we attack with a solution. Solutions for bald spots are pretty easy to understand and don’t require too much labor. 

Seed or sod

The two easiest ways to repair a bald spot on your lawn are to either plant seed or lay sod over the bald spots. Of all of the DIY articles around, this one from HGTV is easy to follow. Either way you go, the steps are simple to follow and in the big scheme of things, not very time consuming. Within a couple of weeks (and regular watering) your bald spots could be a thing of the past. 

RONCO was on to something.

While we can’t offer spray on grass for your lawn, we can easily handle your bald spot issues. Your lawn may have bald spots today, but contact us and we can have our guys out as soon as possible to get rid of “those embarrassing problem areas”. One of RONCO’s biggest selling points was membership in his club. You can benefit from our Lawn 360 program, too! Having you and our guys working together as a team will only make your lawn better. We service the North Mississippi and Memphis areas and have loyal and dependable technicians who are dedicated to doing the best for our customers. Contact us here for an estimate and let us get you on the road to a healthy and lush lawn.