Bagging or Mulching?

What is better for my lawn, bagging or mulching after I mow? There are options depending on your level of commitment! This isn’t a tough problem, it just depends on how much time you have to invest in your lawn.

In order to have a weed free, beautiful dark green lawn you need to consider these three things:


Proper mowing can make all the difference in the look of your lawn and set it apart from the rest. During this time of year (from May through August) you need to mow at least once a week. 

Because grass is growing at a super fast rate right now, there can be times you need to mow every five days! Mow your lawn with your blade set at the correct height for maximum effectiveness (click on previous blog for info on blade height.)

Bag or mulch, which is better?

If you can’t commit to mowing at least once a week, bag it! Piled up clippings left on your lawn all summer during this rapid growing season, will cause a weed problem in the form of thatch.

“Bagging your clippings” doesn’t mean putting them in big piles of garbage at the curb. The most responsible way of disposing of clippings is to return them to compost. 

Mulching grass clippings means returning your clippings to the lawn. These mulched clippings provide great benefits to your lawn. The mulched clippings help retain moisture and nutrients. Deciding to mulch your clippings means that you have committed to the frequent mowing program!

Weed control

Finally, weed control is important and the third element of the bagging or mulching question. To have that beautiful, dark green lawn you must have a healthy lawn. Weed free lawns will continue to prosper. 

The takeaways:

Mulching is good for your lawn, but you need a good machine, set to the right blade height and you need to be mowing every 5-7 days. 

Bagging is not bad for your lawn, especially if you can’t commit to mowing frequently. 

Weed control is essential, you can’t allow thatch or any other weeds to overgrow your healthy lawn.

Just #askpaul

If you still can’t decide between bagging or mulching, you can always ask our licensed lawn techs at Lawn and Pest Solutions for help. We help people from the Memphis, Tennessee area and all over North Mississippi with weed control. Our licensed professionals can help you nurture your lawn into the one you have been dreaming of. Contact our office here for more info today!