5 Surprising Things You May Not Know About Fertilizing Lawns

Lush green and picture-perfect lawns are a dream for every homeowner. Though you may regularly water and mow your lawn to make it look healthy and beautiful, it cannot thrive without proper fertilization. Most homeowners know their lawn care needs, but you may not know what your lawn fertilization needs are. Knowing the lesser-known facts about lawn fertilization can help you care for your lawn better. 

Here are some surprising lawn fertilization facts and tips that you should know. 

A soil test is essential for fertilization

Using random fertilizers for fertilizing your lawn can do more harm than good. Conduct a soil and pH balance test for your yard. Proper pH balance enables your soil to absorb the fertilizers you add to it. And soil test tells you what nutrients are lacking in your soil. Therefore, ensure you conduct a soil test before planning your lawn soil fertilization. 

Fall fertilization is as critical as spring fertilization

Most people only fertilize their lawn during late spring or early summer. However, very few people know you need to fertilize your lawn during early fall as well. Fertilizing your yard during early fall provides the essential nutrients to withstand harsh winters. So you must fertilize your lawn at least twice a year for better results. If you have not fertilized your property for quite some time, you may need to do a full feeding in which you need to fertilize your lawn 5-6 times a year. 

Too much fertilization is not good either

Sometimes homeowners add large amounts of fertilizers to their lawn with the hope of seeing faster growth of their grass and plants. However, they fail to realize that more isn’t always better. You need to identify your lawn needs and add the required nutrients in adequate amounts. If you feel unsure about the quantities, it is best to consult professionals like Lawn & Pest Solutions.

Fertilization turns your lawn into a filter

Thick green lawns look esthetically pleasing. However, their benefits go beyond looks. Thick green lawns act as a natural filter and prevent stormwater from eroding the top layer of soil. A healthy lawn also prevents acidic rain from damaging the pH balance of your soil. Studies also show that a healthy lawn releases more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide, fluoride, and peroxyacetyl nitrate to improve the air quality of your home and surroundings. 

Professional lawn care services provide better outcomes

Many homeowners feel ‌they can adopt the DIY method to fertilize their lawn, and hiring professionals for that task is an unnecessary expense. However, it is observed that homeowners who hire lawn care professionals for their lawn fertilization get better results‌. Lawn care professionals know your lawn grasses and plant requirements to ensure that your entire landscape looks beautiful. 

About Lawn & Pest Solutions

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