It is time to work on “summer weeds”

Due to our warm winter, “summer weeds” are already starting to appear. You may have noticed many plants already budding out ahead of their normal schedule. 

Right now, dormant weed seeds in your lawn are waiting to grow. Thanks to the ways weeds have evolved, they’ll germinate and start growing before your grass does!


In Mississippi and Tennessee, Crabgrass is our number one summer weed, typically germinating in mid-March. That’s why it’s important to consider an application of pre-emergent now.


Pre-emergents don’t kill established plants or weeds, they prevent summer weeds from growing. Pre-emergents form the backbone of most weed control systems. But pre-emerge isn’t the “end all be all” solution. The Lawn360 Program at Lawn and Pest Solutions takes care of pre-emerge, post-emerge, lawn fertilization, spot-treating, and more.

Timing is everything

If you are applying a quality, professional grade pre-emergent, there is a window of opportunity. We have entered that window of opportunity. Now is to the time to apply the products to achieve the desired results.

Now is also the time to apply treatment to rid your lawn of existing “summer weeds.” Look for dandelions, onions, goosegrass, dove weed, and dallisgrass to pop up and handle them swiftly!

DIY or maybe not.

Controlling weeds is a matter of timing and applying the right amount of the right treatment. Everyone has experienced some sort of DIY fail. For some, the DIY project we took on ended up costing more money and causing more frustration. 

Summer weed control is a job you can hand over to the professionals at Lawn and Pest Solutions. Your lawn and landscape is a large investment. Many hours of labor and lots of money have gone into creating a beautiful lawn. Don’t risk damaging what you have already put so much into. 

Give us a call at our office and we can take care of your lawn, weeds, and all. Our lawn technicians cover the Memphis, TN, and North Mississippi areas. You will enjoy getting to experience the Lawn and Pest Difference.

If you want to learn more about other lawn or pest control services, issues or FAQ, check out our #askpaul playlist on YouTube. 

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