Should You Remove the Leaves From Your Lawn?

Leaves are a great source of organic matter for your lawn. Nutrients are returned to the soil as the leaves decompose. So, the more leaves the better, right? Not exactly. While properly decomposed or composted leaves are beneficial to your lawn throughout the growing season, a heavy cover of leaves in the winter can be harmful to your grass.
Ideally, you should mulch your leaves on a regular basis throughout the fall or rake the leaves up when they have fallen and compost them for use in your garden or flower beds. Mowing your lawn with a mulching mower is a great way to get the most benefit from the leaves. The leaves are chopped by the mower blades allowing maximum contact of the leaf particles with air, water and microbes throughout the winter and spring.
Maybe you did not do that in the fall. Now, what? It is best to remove the leaves that have built up on your lawn now. The leaves hold a lot of moisture and work to smother the grass blades beneath. Also, as warmer spring weather comes along, the soil beneath your grass cannot warm as quickly. If the soil does not warm, your grass will be much slower to exit dormancy and become green. However, do not attempt to mow over wet leaves this time of year with a mulching mower. Most of the leaves are likely too wet to be mulched by the mower. Raking is your best option at this point.
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