5 Reasons You Should Fertilize Your Lawn

Lush green lawns enhance the beauty of your landscape and give you a place to sit and relax with your loved ones. To keep your lawns healthy, you need to provide constant care to your lawn. However, even after watering and mowing your lawn regularly, if you notice the grass thinning and dying, maybe your lawn lacks fertilizers. Fertilizers are essential for the growth and survival of your grass as they provide the nutrient values that are naturally lacking in your soil.

Here are five essentials reasons to fertilize your lawn regularly:

Fertilizers compensate for any deficiencies in the soil

Every grass needs some essential nutrients like nitrogen, calcium, and potassium to grow and thrive in your ard. However, your soil may lack some of these nutrients, leaving your grass dull and vulnerable to pests and diseases. The right fertilizer will compensate for these deficiencies to ensure that your grass gets all the essential nutrients.

Increases disease resistance

Grass, just like us humans, is prone to various diseases. Weak grass is more prone to diseases than a healthy one. The right fertilizers can help your lawn grass develop the required resistance against various seasonal and fungal diseases that can otherwise significantly damage them.

Makes your lawn less prone to weed invasion

Weed are those invasive plants that take over your lawn as soon as they find thinner areas without grass growth. These weeds take the nutrient and water that your grass needs and eventually, the grass in your lawn withers away. Apart from that, weeds are very challenging to remove once they invade your lawn; therefore, prevention is the best cure. Fertilizers keep your grass thick and healthy, giving no space for weeds to take over.

It enhances grass growth

If you are tired of watering your lawn profusely and still waiting for your grass to get green and strong for months, try adding fertilizers to your lawn. When used in the right proportions, fertilizers can give your yard the growth boost it needs to look and feel lush and healthy. It also deters any pest infestation that leaves your lawn with brown and uneven patches.

It helps the grass overcome harsh summers

If you live in an area that has harsh and draught-inducing summers, then you must fertilize your lawn. Fertilizers help your grass develop robust root systems that can absorb water quickly. It enables the grass to survive during hot summers when there is less water in the soil.

If you have trouble identifying the right fertilizer for your yard, you can always call for expert help at Lawn & Pest Solutions. They will do a soil test to determine the nutrient deficiency in your lawn and make recommendations.

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