7 Plants for Killer Curb Appeal in Every Season

The harsh frosty nights and chilling days during winter make most plants in your landscapes wither or go dormant. You miss the lush green yard and vibrant flowers, but it doesn’t have to be the case every winter. Choosing the plants that can survive in all seasons can ensure your yard looks beautiful and attractive year-round.

Here are some amazing plants that can make your yard look beautiful regardless of the season. 

Blue ice bog rosemary

Blue iceberg rosemary is an evergreen plant that adds a silvery blue sheen to your yard and looks stunning in winters. These ornamental plants are known for their bluish-colored leaves and are easy to maintain. They come into full glory when small pink flowers bloom on them during springtime. 

Weeping Norway spruce

Another stunning evergreen you can add to your landscape is weeping Norway spruce. It is unique green foliage and a central trunk on which weeping branches fall around it to create a special appearance in your landscape. These trees remain green throughout the year and are pretty low-maintenance.

Frosty Fire Dianthus

Flower beds are an essential part of the landscape, but most flowering plants and shrubs wither away during winters. Frosty fire dianthus can survive the harsh winters and prevent your flower beds from dying. These plants can also be potted easily. 

Dwarf globe blue spruce

Colors play a vital role in enhancing the look of your landscape, and adding plants with distinctive colors can make your landscape shine. These blue spruces have dense coniferous branches with needles and blue ends that retain their beauty year-round. They make excellent plants as hedges in your garden. 

Pink Pussy toes

Another flowering plant that can be a great addition to any landscape and stay evergreen in all weathers is pink pussy toes. This flowering plant has its name from the deep pink fuzzy flowers that look like a cat’s paw. These flowers bloom in late spring, giving a beautiful charm to your landscape. Rest of the year, the silvery grey leaves make your landscape attractive. 


Although most evergreen flowering plants don’t wither away entirely, they don’t bloom until spring. If you want a plant that blooms with flowers during winters, then you can plant snowdrops in your garden. They thrive in moderate winters, and if you grow them in fall, they last till spring, and you can enjoy beautiful white flowers in your landscape during winters. 

Christmas rose

Also known as black hellebore, Christmas rose is another flowering plant that is perennial and looks beautiful. Plant them in a shaded portion of your garden, and you can get beautiful white flowers year-round in your garden. However, you need to carefully water your Christmas roses to maintain them. 

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