Plant Selection: Top 6 Things to Consider for Your Garden

Having a garden in your home is like having a little sanctuary to yourself. A home garden has multiple benefits, like enhancing aesthetics, providing better air quality and fresh organic food items. However, for your garden to thrive, you need to choose the right plants for it. When choosing the plants, you need to consider several crucial factors.

Here are six essential factors to consider when choosing the plants for your garden.

1. Environment

Before you plant your garden, it is essential to know what type of plants can survive in your garden’s conditions. The environment of your garden includes the weather condition, soil type, water, and sunlight availability. Some plants need little water or nutrients, while others require many. You need to research and choose the ones that suit the environment you have.

2. Plant size

Another factor to consider when choosing your plants is their size. You can find plants of any size and shape in nature. However, you cannot keep them all in your garden. Before choosing trees that grow mighty, you need to consider how much space you have. You also need to remember that some trees have expensive roots, and if you plant them too close to the house, they can damage your home’s foundation.

3. Shade requirements

Some plants are delicate and cannot bear excessive heat or snow. They need to be kept under shade in such weather. So, you need to consider whether you can shade your garden effectively to protect them. If not, go for plants that can withstand harsh temperatures.

4. Maintenance

Every plant indeed requires a basic amount of care, such as regular watering, pruning, and fertilizing from time to time. However, some plants are more resistant and quickly grow with minimal maintenance. While others need more tender care, go for the resistant ones for your garden if you have little time on your hands.

5. Flowering time

There is nothing more beautiful than a garden filled with blooming, vibrant flowers everywhere you look. However, it is challenging to keep your garden that way year-round if you choose the wrong plants. Select the flowers carefully according to their blooming seasons to ensure that your garden has beautiful flowers the entire year.

6. Resistance to diseases

You don’t want to put months of effort and energy into a plant and see it wither away in front of your eyes. However, that possibility significantly increases if you choose plants with a low resistance to pests and diseases. Research the variety of conditions common in your location and look for plants with better resistance to them. Go for native plants as they have more resistance to any pests or diseases in that area.

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