Plant Health Care

What is a plant health care program? A plant health care program puts an expert in your yard who can detect problems before they spread. Having a beautiful lawn requires an investment, of time, work, and money.

A professional will examine your plants and determine what is best for them. A plant health care program will then treat and nurture your plants to get the most out of your investment.

Protecting your landscape is protecting your investment

The money you spend on a plant health care program will eventually save you from replacing diseased or dying/dead plants. Why spend so much on shrubs, flowering trees, and plants for your yard, and then drop the ball? That is like building a pool and never putting in chemicals or cleaning it out!

What to expect from a plant health care program

At Lawn and Pest Solutions, our plant health care program includes six visits per year. A licensed lawn technician with advanced knowledge of plant health care will plan and oversee your program.

At each visit your plants will be fertilized.

At each visit, your plants will be monitored for insects, and diseases and will be treated for what is found.

At each visit, you will receive a written report from the technician. This report tells you what he observed, what he did to treat your plants, and what you need to know to keep up the treatment process.

Based on your report, your plants will get a fertilizer with micro nutrients and soil beneficial, insect and disease control targeted specifically to your plants and their health at that specific time. 

How is this program different from others? Most programs include a pre-mixed spray that is applied to all of the plants, no matter what they need at that time. 

Why replace plants from year to year because they are unhealthy?

 A healthy lawn and plant landscape will be strong enough to endure April freezes and August droughts. Let Lawn and Pest Solutions take care of your plants and lawn. Contact our office to learn more about our plant health care program. We serve the North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee areas. 

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