Organic lawn care

Organic lawn care is a great concept. Achieving this is often hard and sometimes unrealistic. A more realistic option is to gain balance for what we can control in our environment.

At Lawn and Pest Solutions, we love the idea of organic lawn care as much as anyone! We care about the environment and strive to use the least amount of harmful ingredients. 

Risks in lawn care choices

Whether lighting a gas stove or spraying disinfectant on kitchen counter tops, there is always a risk present. We are constantly balancing decisions regarding safety, organic, natural, cost-effective, and more. LPS strives to provide the best results with the lowest risk and impact to our environment. 

We live where you live

We care about OUR environmental future. At Lawn and Pest, we feel we strike a very good balance between effective weed control and caring for our environment. 

Challenges with organic lawn care 

In our region, we have a long growing season. This extended season makes it difficult to provide reliable results. Why? A longer growing season for your lawn and plants also means a longer growing season for weeds!

Organic pre-emergent products… are they available? 

A good pre-emergent in the fall and spring is the cornerstone of any effective lawn care program.  When you prevent most of the weeds, minimal herbicide applications are required later. 

There are currently no organic pre-emergents available. However, any products we apply at LPS have gone through rigorous testing and are approved by the EPA for application on home lawns.  

For example, we currently use a product that is derived from a plant. This product could almost be considered organic, however, it is not recognized as such.

The LPS Difference

Our licensed lawn technicians are always ready to discuss with you the options for the most current, environmentally friendly and effective way to treat your lawn. Contact our office here and get the ball rolling on your beautiful lawn!

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