Nutgrass (nutsedge) is a persistent weed. Not to cause confusion, but in our region, most refer to it as nutgrass but it IS a sedge. 

Nutgrass is so persistent it can be recommended for ground cover. For some, as a lawn replacement! Who wants their lawn replaced by a weed?

What’s the difference between grasses and sedges?

Remember this phrase,  “sedges have edges.” Sedge feels triangular instead of round and smooth. It has a center “crease” or fold that makes it have a “v” shape.

How it spreads:

The way nutgrass reproduces is through underground tubers (also called “nutlets”).  These extensive root systems can reach up to four feet deep. 

Don’t pull up nutgrass, it only causes spreading.

When does it spread?

Nutgrass outbreaks usually occur during and after really wet springs, especially in lawns with poor drainage. 

Later in the summer when drought conditions exist, the persistent nutgrass or nutsedge continues to thrive. 

By summer, the roots are so deep and established that they can survive almost anything. 

It’s not going away without work. 

Nutgrass survives because it beats out your grass for water and nutrients. While underground, nutlets can survive for up to 10 years before emerging again. 

Buried at depths up to four feet, they are protected from cold weather and common treatments for killing nutgrass.

How bad can it be?

study conducted by the Mississippi State Extension service measured the effects of nutsedge or nutgrass on a sweet potato crop. If just a little nutgrass has devastating effects on a crop, imagine what it does when it takes over your lawn! 

We can help

If DIY weed control is not for you, call Lawn and Pest Solutions to fight nutsedge and any other weeds that are taking over your lawn. 

Our licensed technicians can evaluate your lawn and use the correct treatments to treat current outbreaks of weeds and prevent them from ever taking root. 

 Our Lawn and Pest Solutions licensed lawn techs serve Memphis, Tennessee, and all over North Mississippi. Contact us, and let us start helping you today!

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