How Much Sunlight Does Grass Really Need?

Sunshine is vital for all living things, and your grass is no exception. But how much sunlight does grass need? The amount of sun your grass needs depends on the type of grass you have. 

In this blog, you’ll learn about the different types of grass for your lawn, tips for keeping your property looking great, what to avoid, and finding the right professionals for support. 

5 Different Types of Grass Have Different Needs

Finding the correct grass for your region is essential to ensure a lush and beautiful lawn. The most common types of grasses are Fescues, Bluegrass, Ryeglass, Zoysia, and St. Augustine. These grasses vary between shade-grown and full-sun species. Although there are many other types of grass species, we will cover the most common ones. 

1. Fescues Grass

Fescues grass is known for its heat and drought resistance. It has a fine thin blade, and it is a low-maintenance grass. Usually, this grass thrives in shady locations, but some species also grow in hot sunny areas. 

2. Kentucky Bluegrass

When properly cared for, the Kentucky Bluegrass produces dense and durable grass. This grass is among the favorites for homeowners; however, it requires quite a bit of maintenance. It grows in the northern region and is excellent for cool seasons,  and prefers light shade. 

3. Ryegrass

Considered an excellent traffic-tolerant grass. It establishes reasonably quickly and is a warm-weather species. It is a fine-bladed grass that can withstand light shade and is considered cool-season grass. 

4. Zoysia

This a type of grass that loves the sun. Usually seen in warmer regions, this species can withstand heat and dry spells. Zoysia is also known as Korean lawngrass or Japanese lawngrass. 

5. St. Augustine

It is a lush broad-blade grass typically seen in tropical regions. It is a warm season grass that usually blooms in spring or summer. Somewhat drought resistant, this grass grows well in areas with a certain amount of moisture. 

Essential Tips for Keeping a Beautiful Lawn in New Albany, MS

Any lawn, whether in a park, on a golf course, or in someone’s backyard, needs proper maintenance to look its best. Depending on the lawn’s location and foot traffic, the lawn care regimen will vary. 

Depending on the grass type is the type of care. For example, a lawn that gets a lot of foot traffic will need to be mowed more frequently than one that doesn’t get much use. Pest control is another critical aspect of lawn care. 

Maintaining a healthy lawn requires using the right lawn care products and services. Depending on your grass, you may need to hire professional services that understand the different species and the requirements to maintain it healthy. 

Some easy tips to consider for maintaining your lawn are: 

  • Invest in a good mower with sharp blades 
  • Fertilize following the manufacturer’s instructions 
  • Water regularly 
  • Mow regularly

If you’re unsure how to get started, you can always contact a lawn care service for help. These professionals will be able to identify the pests most likely to damage your lawn and recommend the best course of action for keeping them at bay. You can keep your property looking its best by contacting professionals. 

Get Greener Pastures with the Right Professionals

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