5 Mowing Mistakes You Should Avoid

A freshly mowed lawn with lush green grass is a sight to behold. Lawn mowing is an age-old household activity that people tend to put off for as long as possible. Sometimes,  you may even do a rush job of it to save some time. However, not moving your lawn regularly can have repercussions for its health and beauty.

Here are five mowing mistakes you should avoid at all costs to keep your lawn in the best condition:

Cutting the grass too short

You may think cutting your grass short and even would look good. It looks good, but it is not healthy for your lawn. Low-cut grass reduces the foliage and exposes the yard to soil erosion quickly. It also reduces its growth rate. Therefore, always keep in mind to cut only one-third of the grass’s length when mowing your lawn. The ideal length is to cut your grass in such a way so that about 2 inches in height after mowing.

Cutting in the same pattern

Whenever you see a freshly mowed lawn, the first thing you will notice is the pattern in which they have cut it. It can be in straight or horizontal lines or circles. Whatever design you have, you need to ensure that you don’t stick to a specific pattern for too long. Changing the direction of mowing helps the grass stand straight rather than bending onto the sides, which can lead to death and decay.

Using dull blades

If you have ever used a dull kitchen blade, you know what it can do to any vegetable. The same happens with your grass when you use a dull-bladed lawn mover. Grass with rough edges is a free ticket for pests and insects in your home. Sharpen your mower blades to a thickness of about 1/64 of an inch to keep them sharp and strong. You can also take professional help to sharpen your mower blades.

Cutting wet grass

Another mistake people make is mowing their lawn when it is wet. Mowing the grass when it is wet can easily pull out the roots, leaving empty patches on your lawn. It can also damage your lawnmower as dirt and mud can get caked in it, causing rusting and damage. Dry grass cuts effortlessly and doesn’t damage your yard or mower. It also reduces the risk of injuries.

Bagging the clippings

You may be tempted to collect all the leftover clippings and throw them away to make your lawn look neat and clean. However, you must not overlook that these clippings are excellent sources of nutrients for your yard. Therefore, let them stay in the yard and mix them into the soil naturally in a few days. Just ensure that the clippings are not longer than an inch, as they can lead to weed growth in your lawn.

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