The Art of Scalping Your Lawn

Scalping has several rather negative connotations, but the art of scalping your lawn is entirely different!

Scalping doesn’t sound positive…

Scalping your lawn just means that at the end of winter, you lower the blade on your mower and give your grass a really good cut. It won’t look pretty, but it serves a great purpose. 

Just think of it like good skin care. You are “exfoliating” all of the tough, dead “skin” that has built up over the cold winter. 

Scalping is preparing your lawn for the spring sun and new growth that is lurking just under the soil. In technology terms, it’s a reboot for your lawn.

What happens when you scalp?

When you mow down low, just one inch from the ground, you are removing the accumulation of winter that can cause thatch. Once you have mowed down to the stalk more light can get to your grass. More light on your grass means warmer soil. 

All of this adds up to stronger grass that turns green earlier. Your healthy lawn is just waiting underneath!

Is now the time?

Almost! If you scalp too early, your tender grass stems will be exposed to extreme cold. The best time for scalping in our region is middle to late February. 

Scalp after the last big freeze. If you wait until your grass has already started growing, scalping will only cause your grass stress. Stressed out grass means slower growing grass.

What kinds of grasses can be scalped?

Scalping works best on warm-season grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia. Never scalp Centipede, St. Augustine, or cool-season grasses like fescue.

Quick tips for scalping your lawn:

  • Sharpen the blades on your lawnmower. Dull blades damage grass and expose it to diseases.
  • Wait until your lawn is pretty dry, mud covered grass stems don’t get enough sunlight.
  • Bag up your clippings from scalping! Debris left on your lawn is basically an “undoing” of the scalping.

Your lawn is a large part of your home investment. We can help you keep that part of your investment looking its’ best. You can easily spot our uniformed employees in their white Lawn and Pest Solutions trucks. Contact us here to get a quote on your lawn, you can text, email or call us just by clicking this link. We serve the North Mississippi and Memphis,Tennessee areas.

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