Lawn fungus treatment

Lawn fungus treatment shouldn’t even be a decision of “should I or shouldn’t I?” Yes, you should!  A fungus can destroy your beautiful lawn.

It’s not your fault.

All healthy lawns contain millions of fungi spores at all times. Though most fungi will never cause problems, we never know when one will to decide to show off. If you know and care enough to even notice a one in your lawn, you are likely going to treat the lawn fungus.

Treating lawn fungus

A fungus can be easily treated by our trained lawn technicians. You just need to watch for it and call us as soon as you see the signs. 

Signs of lawn fungus

For our area, these are the types of fungus that grow in our common grasses:

  • Dollar Spot/Bermuda grass: this fungus causes spots of brown or straw-colored that start as small as a grapefruit. Beware, they can grow to take over your whole yard.
  • Rust/Zoysia grass: To check for rust fungus, take a white tissue and rub a few grass blades. If an orange color comes off on the tissue, you have a rust problem.
  • Gray Leaf Spot/St. Augustine grass: This fungus leaves large gray spots on your grass blades that grow larger as the infestation gets worse.

What causes fungus to grow?

  • Fungi can become a problem when we have had too much rain.
  • Fungi can become a problem when we haven’t had enough rain.
  • Fungi can appear when we mow our lawns too low.
  • Fungi can appear when we have a dull mower blade.
  • PRO TIP: if you have a really large lawn you should sharpen your mower blades a second time mid season!

We can treat your lawn fungus.

If you suspect you have lawn fungus, call us. A licensed lawn technician will investigate your issue and determine the best plan of treatment. A fungicide will be applied to your lawn and have the fungus problem under control in no time.

As with any lawn health issues, when you are working with professionals like Lawn and Pest Solutions, we are only a phone call away.  Let us know now before more damage occurs. Your lawn is your investment and we want to help you not only maintain it, but allow it to thrive.  

We serve the areas of Memphis, Tennessee, and North Mississippi. If you need more references, feel free to read our Google reviews.

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